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created 2003 · complexity basic · author Pan Shizhu · version 6.0

For some reason one may not prefer mailling lists over usenet newsgroups (like me).

IMHO Newsgroup reader is a lot more versatile and easy to use. So, find a newsgroup equivalent for vim@vim.org is improtant for newsgreoup users. Unfortunately, the comp.editors on USENET is not as active as vim@vim.org.

The non-official news server news.gmane.org, have a mirror to vim@vim.org, named gmane.editors.vim, the maillist vim@vim.org and newsgroup gmane.editors.vim seemed to be syncronised together.

To access the gmane news, just new an account with the NNTP server news.gmane.org, then find the newsgroup gmane.editors.vim, then you can enjoy vim@vim.org with your favorate news reader program, and without messing up mailling list messages with your private e-mail client (which is what the newsgroup designed for).

I think gmane.editors.vim should be highly recommended for newsgroup users.

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