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created January 9, 2005 · complexity basic · author Rabee Tourky · version 6.0

Could not execute shell commands ending with ampersand (&) in gvim running under FreeBSD. Commands like:

:!xdvi &
:!xterm &

did not work. This meant that I couldn't use vim-latex to view documents dvi since by default vim-latex sends a command ending with &. The problem does not occur in vim.

Hint: Check the parameters gvim is started with! In the KDE menu gvim is started with -f option which can cause this problem.

+ The problem is solved if the shell is changed to ksh from the default sh or bash.

Install pdksh:

$ su (su to root)
# cd /usr/ports/shells/pdksh/
#make install cleanset

Change the shell to ksh in .vimrc. Add:

set sh=ksh