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created 2002 · complexity basic · author Travis · version 6.0

I've started working with tomcat and many .jsp files. I find this trick to be very helpful.

find -name '*.jsp' -printf '%f\t%P\t1\n' |sort > jsp.tags

This will create a file called jsp.tags with tag entries for each .jsp file. Within Vim I use

:set tags+=jsp.tags

Now I can to simple :tag file.jsp to quickly switch between the many .jsp files.

The sort utility will use the value of LC_COLLATE to sort according to your locale. This will give Vim issues. On Unix based systems, try LC_COLLATE=C sort instead of plain sort.


There's also the :find command and the path-option, with which one can easily switch between files in arbitrary directories.

For example, if one sets

:set path+=/usr/include

on a Unix system one can do ":find stdio.h" to jump to the stdio-header file.

Recursive search is also possible by using the double-star:

:set path+=./**

Vim will :find any file under the current sub directory.

Use :sfind (split find) to open the file in a new window.