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Tip: #1301 - Associate files with no extension to Vim under Windows

Created: August 10, 2006 17:36 Complexity: basic Author: John Little Version: 5.7 Karma: 87/32 Imported from: Tip#1301

For Windows users that use file associations to start vim.

A gem I've just found is, in a command window (aka DOS) prompt:

assoc .=txtfile 

(or something else that is opened with vim; see VimTip1003, and be aware of the "ftype" command).

The windows UI won't let you do this, a total pain working with unix where files often don't have extensions. Sure, you can right-click, edit with vim, but you get used to double-clicking to open files, and the "Windows cannot open this file:" dialogue opens... Also, the popup menu can vary its position so you have to look and aim at the edit with vim entry.


I always wondered if there was a way to make windows appreciate files with no extensions! thank you thank you!

Anonymous , August 10, 2006 19:42

Nice ! Thanks.

Anonymous , October 19, 2006 21:31

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