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created February 5, 2013 · complexity basic · version 7.0

Daily I need to switch between different git projects. This script automatically saves Vim sessions per git directory.

Usage[edit | edit source]

  • Starting Vim with no filename argument in a git directory will load a previously stored session if one exists.
  • Exiting Vim (with no filename argument given at invocation) in a git directory will store the current session.
  • Starting Vim with a filename argument does not restore or save a session.
  • $HOME/.vim/sessions must exist.

Script[edit | edit source]

function! FindProjectName()
  let s:name = getcwd()
  if !isdirectory(".git")
    let s:name = substitute(finddir(".git", ".;"), "/.git", "", "")
  if s:name != ""
    let s:name = matchstr(s:name, ".*", strridx(s:name, "/") + 1)
  return s:name

" Sessions only restored if we start Vim without args.
function! RestoreSession(name)
  if a:name != ""
    if filereadable($HOME . "/.vim/sessions/" . a:name)
      execute 'source ' . $HOME . "/.vim/sessions/" . a:name

" Sessions only saved if we start Vim without args.
function! SaveSession(name)
  if a:name != ""
    execute 'mksession! ' . $HOME . '/.vim/sessions/' . a:name

" Restore and save sessions.
if argc() == 0
  autocmd VimEnter * call RestoreSession(FindProjectName())
  autocmd VimLeave * call SaveSession(FindProjectName())

Comments[edit | edit source]

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