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created September 3, 2001 · complexity advanced · author meonkeys · version 5.7

DBI::Shell is a Perl module that is used as a shell interface to Perl's popular DBI (database interface) package. Forget your favorite SQL navigation gui and give this method a shot. This has only been tested in Unix.

1. Run dbish (runs DBI::Shell; installed with DBI::Shell) and connect to any database.

2. In dbish, set /format box.

3. Enter your query.

4. To execute query, type "/ | vim -"

This runs the query and pipes the output to the standard input of Vim.

Here are some follow-up tips:

  • Use gvim instead of Vim so a new window will pop up.
  • Set nowrap once in Vim.


Note that if your are using MySQL cli, you can type : "pager vim -" (without the quotes indeed).

Then every select, desc, show, etc. will be opened in Vim.