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This category is for tips about using Vim with LaTeX and TeX documents.

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Working with LaTeX and Vim is a wonderful experience once everything is set up. Here are links to plugins, scripts, and tips for writing LaTeX with Vim.

  • Vim-LaTeX is a complete plugin for developing LaTeX. It sets up a large number of custom maps and commands to help editing, templating, sets up the compiler, and many other changes many other options.
  • Alternatives to vim-latex: if you are already familiar with Vim and would like more control over your LaTeX environment, here is a list of plugins, scripts, and settings to consider. Vim-LaTeX contains a large number of editing mappings and is essentially an all or nothing solution; the scripts and tips below allow more control and configuration over the LaTeX environment.
  • Automatic LaTeX Plugin (ATP) is another versatile Vim plugin for editing, compiling and viewing LaTeX files. It's main feature is background compilation: when it detects that the tex file was changed it compiles the document in the background. This works well under Unix (Linux and MacOS) but not on Windows. You can see the list of features here. Since most of them are written in VimL or Python they will work on Windows as well.

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