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What is a Vim Tip?[]

A Vim Tip is a nugget of advice which can help solve a particular problem using the Vim editor.

See About for how we started, and Community Portal for an overview, and information on how to ask questions.

Can a Vim Tip be a script?[]

As well as advice, a Vim Tip may include commands, or snippets of Vim script.

In some cases, a tip can also contain a large block of Vim script, however that is the exception. The Vim Tips wiki is intended to facilitate learning how to use Vim. Simply posting a script, or a link to a script, with no explanation of what it does and how it works, probably with a discussion of the considerations taken and decisions made during development, does not help anyone learn how to use Vim, and is discouraged.

The Vim scripts repository on the Vim website is the correct home for substantial scripts and plugins. The Vim scripts repository is also a great place to find ready-made solutions to a multitude of problems. The Vim Tips wiki is a community in which to share and develop your knowledge.

Should I publish my script here or at[]

If you are willing to provide support and updates for your script as it evolves, then is the place to publish. It has a versioning and change log system so users of your script can keep up to date with new releases.

If you have a short and useful script, you could consider proposing a new tip with the script, if you add helpful descriptions and explanations.

If you create a user page, you are certainly welcome to place almost anything Vim-related under your own user name (including scripts that you may want some help developing) but these will probably not become an official VimTip. Consider other resources (such as google code or other free online version-controlled code repositories) if you want to do collaborative development of a serious script.

List of all accepted tips[]

See Category:VimTipProposed for tips that have not yet been accepted.

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