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created 2002 · complexity advanced · author Hari Krishna Dara · version 6.0

Don't know how people debug autocommands, but I just found out that you can debug (at least) those that result due to window close by just doing a debug quit, i.e.,

:debug quit

Vim will let you step into the autocommands. Try it to believe.


While going through the help pages, I figured this feature is documented with the following example:

:debug edit <file>

This should let you debug autocommands that get triggered by loading a new buffer.

There's also the :verbose command, with which you can specify the verbosity level for one command only:

:9verbose edit somefile.txt.gz

The verbose levels are documented in :help 'verbose'. The 'verbose' option variable sets verbosity permamently, not just for one command only.