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created 2005 · complexity intermediate · author Suresh Govindachar · version 6.0

Requires: Vim 6.x with Perl support. Uses Perl module MIME::Base64.

If you have MIME Base64 or Quoted-Printable encoded text in a Vim buffer, the following commands can be used to replace the encoded lines with their decoded information. Just visually select the lines corresponding to the encoded text and issue the appropriate command (:Decode64 or :DecodeQP).

command! -range=% Decode64 :w | <line1>,<line2>delete | let foo = @"
 \| perl use MIME::Base64 (); my $foo=VIM::Eval(foo); my ($r, $c)=$curwin->Cursor(); $curbuf->Append($r-1, split '\n', MIME::Base64::decode($foo));

command! -range=% DecodeQP :w | <line1>,<line2>delete | let foo = @"
 \| perl use MIME::QuotedPrint (); my $foo=VIM::Eval(foo); my ($r, $c)=$curwin->Cursor(); $curbuf->Append($r-1, split '\n', MIME::QuotedPrint::decode_qp($foo));