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Tip: #155 - Decompile Java .class files automatically

Created: November 7, 2001 3:16 Complexity: intermediate Author: Lawrence Kesteloot Version: 6.0 Karma: 9/7 Imported from: Tip#155

Here's a plugin to automatically decompile Java .class files as they're read in. Tweak the javap flags for what you want to see. I didn't post this as a script because it's too simple and it's really more useful for demonstrating how to read decompilable files (or other binary files that can be converted to text).

function s:ReadClass(dir, classname)

execute "cd " . a:dir 
execute "0read !javap -c " . a:classname 
setlocal readonly 
setlocal nomodified 


autocmd BufReadCmd *.class

\ call <SID>ReadClass(expand("<afile>:p:h"), expand("<afile>:t:r"))


It doesn't work when package is used in java code.

package; class Foo {


The question is how to save package information? , November 7, 2001 10:14

For jad:

au BufReadCmd *.class setl readonly nomodified | %!jad -p <afile> , March 6, 2006 4:06

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