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created March 3, 2004 · complexity basic · author Siegfried Bublitz · version 5.7

I have several hundred file path names in a buffer, each filling a line, e.g. created with vim tip # 659.

About half of them are help files, starting with './help/' which I want to delete, but I want to keep the german ones, starting with './help/de/'. Here comes how I do it with Vim:

:global:^./help/:if (match(getline(line(".")), '^./help/de/') == -1) | delete | endif


Would this also do it?


No, because lines like


are not deleted. Instead use


to delete all lines starting with './help/' but keep all lines starting with './help/de/'


:help :global

This will only work if each line in the file starts with './help'.