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created 2002 · complexity basic · author SANFACE Software · version 6.0

We're trying to develop txt2pdf.vim.

It's a very simple module to save the current file and convert it to PDF using our txt2pdf tool

On our Windows 2000 we've developed it. It works good.

Today we've tested the module on Linux. Surprise: it doesn't work.

Default Win Vim configure save on Win text in Win way: EOL \r\n.

A Vim module made in this way can't work on Linux (probably on every Unix OS).

If you want to make a Vim module on Win and you want it can work also on Unix (we hope the same rule can work also on different OS) you've to save the Vim module with Unix EOL (\n).


I believe that Vim scripts saved with Unix-style EOL characters can run on any platform. Probably the easiest way to make sure they stay this way is to add a modeline at the top or bottom of the file, for example:

" vim:ff=unix