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created 2006 · complexity intermediate · author Tom Purl · version 6.0

This tip requires the netrw and Project plugins. The netrw plugin should be included with every version of Vim since 6.0, and the Project plugin is available at script#69.

Using the Project plugin to organize, edit and read remote files is an excellent idea. For example, let's say that you're administering 10 Unix servers, and have the following file on each server: /opt/myapp/etc/myapprc

Also, let's say that you need to check this file on a couple of machines a day and occasionally compare files. Instead of logging into multiple machines (and using a differently-configured text editor on each machine), you can just set up the following Project file:

myapp_config=/home/someguy/logs/myapp_config CD=. {

The netrw plugin allows you to edit and read these files in a fairly transparent manner. And if you're using scp and ssh-agent, you can work with all of these files without even using passwords. Also, if you wanted to do a vimdiff of two of these files, you can open one of them using the Project plugin and use the :diffsplit command to open the other file.

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