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created June 15, 2004 · complexity advanced · author Steve Hall · version 6.0

I recently needed the value of $VIMRUNTIME in a bash shell script and was forwarded these two terrific solutions that may be of use to others.

vim --cmd 'echo $VIMRUNTIME' --cmd 'quit' 2> /tmp/VIMRUNTIME.txt
VIMRUNTIME=`perl -pe 's/\r\n//g' /tmp/VIMRUNTIME.txt`
rm -f /tmp/VIMRUNTIME.txt
VIMRUNTIME=`vim -e -T dumb --cmd 'exe "set t_cm=\<C-M>"|echo $VIMRUNTIME|quit' | tr -d '\015' `

Both properly capture Vim's output and handle the trailing line feed, although in remarkably different ways.