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created January 11, 2006 · complexity basic · author Marcus Keinath · version 5.7

If you are using a pointing device called Trackpoint (or TouchStyk as Synaptics calls it) you might encounter a problem with scrolling in gvim: When you use split windows, the scrolling function will always scroll one window regardless of where the cursor is.

To correct this (works for me with the Synaptics driver version 08/01/2005,

  • Backup the file tp4table.dat in C:\Programme\Synaptics\SynTP
  • Edit the file tp4table.dat in C:\Programme\Synaptics\SynTP as below – insert at line 128 (after Java support)
; gvim support

After restarting SynTPEnh.exe (e.g. rebooting), it will work.

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