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created 2001 · complexity basic · author Klaus Fischer · version 6.0

ab (1 [1]<Esc>:/^--\s/-1/<CR>o<insert><CR>Footnotes:<CR>----------<CR>[1]
ab (2 [2]<Esc>:/^Footnotes\:/+2/<CR>o<insert>[2]
ab (3 [3]<Esc>:/^Footnotes\:/+3/<CR>o<insert>[3]
ab (4 [4]<Esc>:/^Footnotes\:/+4/<CR>o<insert>[4]
ab (5 [5]<Esc>:/^Footnotes\:/+5/<CR>o<insert>[5]


Although I can tell what these does, I imagine that much of the intended audience ('basic' tips users) can't just tell by looking. Perhaps some annotation is in order.

This tip is useless without any explanation. So what do these do anyway?

Let me point you guys to this script that you can simply drop in your .vim/plugin directory and straight away use "\f" to start a note and "\r" to end a note.