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July 2012Edit

May 2010Edit

  • :verbose abbreviate lists each abbreviation and where it was defined. :help :abbreviate-verbose
  • Avoid an insert-mode abbreviation by pressing Ctrl-V (or Ctrl-Q if you use Ctrl-V for paste) before the character after the abbreviation. :help abbreviations
  • Setting the 'display' option to include "lastline" will show as much of the final (wrapped) line as will fit on the screen. :help 'display'

April 2010Edit

March 2010Edit

  • Use :source myfile.vim to execute Ex commands (commands prefixed with a ':') from a file. :help :source
  • Use :source! myfile.vim to execute normal-mode Vim commands from a file. :help :source
  • Use :scriptnames to list all sourced scripts, in order of execution. :help :scriptnames

February 2010Edit

  • The system() function runs an external program and captures its output. :help system()
  • The 'shell' option determines the shell used to run external programs. :help 'shell'
  • The variable v:shell_error holds the return status from the last external program. :help v:shell_error

January 2010Edit

  • Use :pwd to show the current directory. :help :pwd
  • Use :cd - to change to the previous current directory (before last :cd /my/path). :help :cd-
  • Use :lcd /my/path for "local" change directory (this window only). :help :lcd

Previous yearsEdit

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