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created 2020 · complexity Medium · author Eyal Karni · version 1

Use fuzzy completion to add fuzzing to any ins-mode completion (using <c-x>).

Simply write something in insertmode, wait for completion menu to appear(or trigger it) and use <c-'> to fuzzy search on it.

This requires the fzf.vim plugin[1]

function! PInsert2(item)
	let @z=a:item
	norm "zp
	call feedkeys('a')

function! CompleteInf()
	let nl=[]
	let l=complete_info()
	for k in l['items']
		call add(nl, k['word']. ' : ' .k['info'] . ' '. k['menu'] )
	call fzf#vim#complete(fzf#wrap({ 'source': nl,'reducer': { lines -> split(lines[0], '\zs :')[0] },'sink':function('PInsert2')}))

imap <c-'> <CMD>:call CompleteInf()<CR>
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