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created September 19, 2006 · complexity basic · author mz · version n/a

By default when a tab is closed, if another tab is open to the right of the tab that was just closed, it will become the "in focus" or current tab. However, when editing quickly this does not provide semetry with the :tabopen command because the :tabopen command opens a new tab to the right, and the :tabclose does not put the user back to that original tab upon closing. With the following command in the .vimrc file, when editing a file, if the user needs to do something quickly in a new tab, then close that tab, they will be placed back into their original tab.

noremap <silent><C-S-w> :if tabpagenr() != tabpagenr('$')<CR>:tabclose<CR>:if tabpagenr() > 1<CR>:tabprev<CR>:endif<CR>:else<CR>:tabclose<CR>:endif<CR>


The following accomplishes the same as above, but if a tab is not being closed, will just call the :q command.

function! CloseSomething()
  if winnr("$") == 1 && tabpagenr("$") > 1 && tabpagenr() > 1 && tabpagenr() < tabpagenr("$")
    tabclose | tabprev
map <C-x> :call CloseSomething()<CR>
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