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created July 5, 2001 · complexity intermediate · author bubbleboy · version 5.7

If you do not have Vim 6.0, but would like to mimic the plugins directory feature then copy and paste this into your vimrc:

exec "source " . substitute(glob($VIM."/plugins/*.vim"), "\n", "\nsource ", "g")

It will automatically source every Vim script file located in the vim/plugins directory.

Now, to add a new plugin, just drop the script in this directory and Vim will automatically find it.


To make Vim look in your home directory for the plugins directory:

Use $HOME, or ~ (tilde), instead of $VIM. If you use tilde, it must be inside the quotes. The $VIM (or $HOME) may be placed inside the quotes as well - glob("$VIM/plugins/*.vim") works just fine.