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created 2004 · complexity basic · author dunamin · version 5.7

I needed to do a few tweaks to vimrc to get Java code looking smooth in Vim.

My vimrc file:

"Take care of indents for Java.
set autoindent
set si
set shiftwidth=4
"Java anonymous classes. Sometimes, you have to use them.
set cinoptions+=j1


Also you can use

let java_comment_strings=1
let java_highlight_java_lang_ids=1

See help on java syntax highlighting file :help java.

I use these settings too:

let java_mark_braces_in_parens_as_errors=1
let java_highlight_all=1
let java_highlight_debug=1
let java_ignore_javadoc=1
let java_highlight_java_lang_ids=1
let java_highlight_functions="style"
let java_minlines = 150

Also, in cygwin or UNIX-based systems, there's a program called "astyle" which properly indents Java programs, just like cb or indent do for C programs.

Prefer using :setlocal from a java ftplugin if you do not want to pollute all types of files with Java settings.