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created 2004 · complexity basic · author Alejandro Calbazana · version 5.7

Under Windows, you can use TortoiseCVS along with Vim/GVim as the diff tool of choice:

Create a .bat file containing the following and put it in your path:

@echo off
"C:\Program Files\Vim\vim63\GVim.exe" -d %1 %2

Add this .bat file as the diff utility under TortoiseCVS->Preferences->Tools->External Diff Application.


You don't have to create a .bat file to do this. Just enter "C:\Program Files\Vim63\GVim.exe" as "Diff application".

Set "Two-way diff parameters" as -d "%1" "%2".

Not that Vim isn't good at diff'ing, but I use ExamDiff Pro ( for diff-ing with TortoiseCVS. Not free, but the display/ease of merging is great.

I use WinMerge ( It's great.

I'm using Meta-Diff (see It's configured to use Vim for source files, Examdiff for other text files, CSDiff for Word documents etc.