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created August 27, 2003 · complexity basic · author Vangelis E. · version 5.7

For a given vim-###-src#.tar.gz release there is only one vim.po file that can be created for translation purposes. However, this vim.po is not unique since several options may be set while extracting with 'xgettext', depending mostly on the format of comments. For your convenience you can download a standard vim.pot to use as a translation template for vim-6.1 to most any language(s):

This is the general template for translating messages in Vim 6.1 using the Xgettext format. It contains all English messages in the (untranslated) form:

msgid "ABC" - English text
msgstr "" - candidate language

To translate Vim 6.1 messages, proceed line-by-line, taking care not to translate commands and options specific to the editor. See the GNU 'gettext' man-page for more info and details on this.

This vim.pot should be used only with v. 6.1 to translate to any language.

When Vim versions advance, a standard vim.po must be created from the newer sources, as explained in Vim goes INTL.

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