256 colors in vim256 colors setup for console Vim80 character line wrap without broken words
AES256 encryption in VimA better Vimdiff Git mergetoolA better gm command
A better interfacing of (La)TeX with the quickfix modeAbbreviation that prompts whether to expand it or notAbbreviations only on shortcut
Accelerated motionAccess Python HelpAccess using Newsgroup Reader
Accessing the system clipboardAct on text objects with custom functionsAdd/change file extension in current buffer
Add Java import statements automaticallyAdd Vim to Windows Send To menuAdd Vim to the Windows Explorer context menu
Add a newline after given patternsAdd classname based on filename while in input modeAdd html tags with substitute
Add trailing blanks to lines for easy visual blocksAdd your function heading with a keystrokeAdd your note files to Vim help
Adding MPI and PVM syntax highlightingAdding Vim to MS-Windows File Explorer MenuAdding a console to gdbvim
Adjust display brightness in Mac OS XAlign endif with corresponding if or ifdef directiveAlign numbers at decimal point
Align text into a tableAlign text pluginAll folds open when opening a file
All the right movesAll tips for C family programmingAllow Inform header files to be distinguished from C headers
Alter the display of buffers in the buffers menuAlternate delimiters for the replace commandAlternative tab navigation
Always keep quickfix window at specified heightAlways start on first line of git commit messageAmpersand in freebsd shell commands to view LaTeX files
Any word completionAppend output of an external commandApply range to any command that does not accept ranges
Applying substitutes to a visual blockArbitrary tags for file namesAssociate files with no extension to Vim under Windows
Auctex-style environment creation in LaTeXAuto-detect number of cores for parallel buildAuto-fold Perl subs
Auto-save current buffer periodicallyAuto closing an HTML tagAuto commands for C/C++ editing
Auto compile Javascript with ClosureAuto copy the mouse selectionAuto end-quote html/xml attribute values as you type in insert mode
Auto execute yuicompressorAuto highlight current word when idleAuto insert Java class template when editing a new Java file
Auto save files when focus is lostAuto spelling correction using abbreviationsAuto tags by project.vim
Autocapitalize the start of every sentenceAutocheckout from perforceAutocmd to update ctags file
Autocomplete with TAB when typing wordsAutoconvert leading eight spaces to tab when type or paste in MakefileAutoloading Cscope Database
Automatic Commenting of Preprocessor Directives in CAutomatic file type detection with fully qualified ClearCase namesAutomatic formatting of paragraphs
Automatic insertion of C/C++ header gatesAutomatic scrolling of textAutomatic session restore in git directories
Automatic word wrappingAutomatically Update Copyright Notice in FilesAutomatically add Python paths to Vim path
Automatically append closing charactersAutomatically create and update cscope databaseAutomatically create tmp or backup directories
Automatically fitting a quickfix window heightAutomatically generate PHPdoc commentsAutomatically indent an XML file using XSLT
Automatically maximizing gvim in KDEAutomatically open the quickfix window on :makeAutomatically position the cursor when editing email messages
Automatically quit Vim if quickfix window is the lastAutomatically redate file headersAutomatically refresh display of html on saving file
Automatically reload files with mixed line-endings in DOS fileformatAutomatically set screen titleAutomatically sort Quickfix list
Automatically wrap left and rightAutoselect the right compiler using the filetypeAvoid automatic jump after make
Avoid scrolling when switch buffersAvoid the escape keyAvoiding the "Hit ENTER to continue" prompts
Back up Lists and Dictionaries to viminfoBacking up and commenting vimrcBackspace and delete problems
Backspace key using puTTY to RH9 boxBackward search for LaTeX documentsBash file encoding alias
Basic postfix abbreviationsBest Vim TipsBetter colors for syntax highlighting
Better indent support for php with htmlBisectingBookmark files
Bookmarks as menu itemBrackets and parentheses in PerlBrowsing programs with tags
Buffer bar to list buffersBuffersBuild Python-enabled Vim on Windows with MinGW
Build Vim in Windows with CygwinBuild Vim in Windows with Visual StudioBuilding Vim
Building vim with color on HP-UXBulk rename files with VimC++ code completion
C/C++ function abbreviationsC code completionCache user-preferred option values for later reset
Calculate equations from within vimCalculator EditingCalculator and code evaluation using Perl
Call TortoiseSVN commands from within VimCapitalize words and regions easilyCapitalize words in insert and normal modes without moving the cursor
Capture SQL query outputCapture all keysCapture ex command output
Change C++ comments to C commentsChange between backslash and forward slashChange cursor shape in different modes
Change filetype based on directory pathChange fontChange font size quickly
Change guifont to see more of your fileChange statusline color to show insert or normal modeChange the Windows Explorer hotkey for Diff with Vim
Change the color schemeChange the color scheme to show where you areChange the gvim mouse arrow cursor
Change vimrc with auto reloadChanging all HTML tags to lowercaseChanging case with regular expressions
Changing the default syntax highlightingCheck for comments independent of filetypeCheck your syntax files for configurable options
Chop long linesCleanup your HTMLClojure Tips
Close vim you left open remotelyClose windows from gvim popup menuCobol editing with Vim
ColdFusion and matchitCollect filenames of current subtreeColor highlighting on telnet
Combine quickfix stepsCombining move and scrollCombining vimdiff with cvs diff
Comfortable handling of registersCommand-history facilities for Oracle/sqlplus userCommand line file name completion
Command line switch to source a scriptCommand line tricksComment/UnComment visually selected text
Comment & Uncomment multiple lines in VimComment Lines according to a given filetypeComment lines in different filetypes
Comment your code blocks automaticallyCommenting out a range of linesCommenting with opfunc
Compile Java with JikesCompile Java with Sun JDK javacCompile a separate copy of Vim for Python coding
Compiler for perlCompiling LaTeX from VimCompletion using a syntax file
Compress Vim doc files to save spaceConfiguring the cursorConsole-like fonts for Windows GVim
Context sensitive access to MSDN helpContinue omnicompletion for python modulesContinuing doxygen comments
Control the position of the new windowConvenience wrapper for setlineConvert between hex and decimal
Convert enum to string tableConverting LANG to UTF-8Converting tabs to spaces
Converting variables to or from camel caseCopy, cut and pasteCopy C++ function declaration into implementation file
Copy an Entire Buffer to the ClipboardCopy and paste between Vim instancesCopy and paste between sessions using a temporary file
Copy current file to another location from within vimCopy filename to clipboardCopy or change search hit
Copy paragraphs without excess newlines to MS WordCopy parts of filename to clipboardCopy search matches
Correct format-flowed email functionCorrecting accented charactersCount number of matches of a pattern
Create LaTeX TablesCreate a color scheme based on anotherCreate new subroutines
Create one mapping for both console and GUICreate patch for currently editing fileCreate underlines, overlines, and strikethroughs using combining characters
Creating and maintaining a personal Knowledge Base with VimCreating directories from a listCreating new text objects
Creating your own syntax filesCscopeCtrl-N completion for XML/XSLT attributes
Current buffer based menusCustom keyword completionCustom resizing on the spot
Customize text for closed foldsCut/copy and paste using visual selectionCut or copy lines without counting the lines
Cycle through buffers including hidden buffersDeadkeys / Accented Characters and Mutt integrationDebug unexpected option settings
Debugging window autocommandsDecode MIME text using Perl in VimDecompile Java .class files automatically
Decrease chances of file corruption in case of computer crashDefine your own colorsDelete a pair of XML/HTML tags
Delete all lines containing a patternDelete files with a Vim commandDelete some lines with some exceptions
Delete words in a different way
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