Deleting a buffer without closing the windowDeleting nested reply threads in emailsDescribe a SQL table from Vim
Desert color scheme with Vim in PuTTYDetect encoding from the charset specified in HTML filesDetect non-Unicode Xterms
Detect window creation with WinEnterDevelop vim modules on WinDictionary completions
Did you knowDid you know/2008Did you know/2009
Diff current buffer and the original fileDiff the current buffer with another fileDifferent syntax highlighting within regions of a file
Disable F1 built-in help keyDisable automatic comment insertionDisable beeping
Disable built-in commandDisable the "Hit any key to close this window" message in remote editingDisabling IME input in Windows
Disabling cabbrevDisplay UTF-8 characters in Mac QuicklookDisplay date-and-time on status line
Display last viewed text lines at top of new shellDisplay line numbersDisplay output of shell commands in new window
Display the name of the function you are editingDisplaying a variable/macro definitionDisplaying status line always
Displaying the current Vim environmentDosini filesDouble-click to open/close a fold
Drag and drop file names into the Vim command lineDrag words with Ctrl-left/rightDuplicate previous line word by word
EP3 Syntax FileEasier buffer switchingEasily change the path option
Easily switch between source and header fileEasily switch between two styles of color schemeEasy "Search Only In a Visually Selected Range"
Easy (un)commenting out of source codeEasy block selection with mouseEasy edit of files in the same directory
Easy floating point arithmeticEasy indenting in insert and normal mode with no cursor displacementEasy pasting to Windows applications
Easy playback of recorded keysEasy word and page selection and deletion in gvimEdit Java jar and other files
Edit MoinMoin wiki files with foldingEdit a file or jump to it if already openEdit a temporary copy of the current file
Edit and organize several remote files easilyEdit configuration files for a filetypeEdit file found by whereis
Edit file in existing vim automaticallyEdit gnupg-encrypted filesEdit gpg encrypted files
Edit multiple files from a list of file namesEdit remote files locally via SCP/RCP/FTPEditing ActiveState Perl batch files
Editing a hard link to a fileEditing crontabEditing databases with Vim/Perl/DBI
Editing files on an ftp server listening on a non-standard portEditing remote files via scp in vimEmbedding vim in Visual Studio
Enable paren matching over whole fileEnable servername capability in vim/xtermEnabling Windows shortcuts for gvim
Encrypt a file without leaving tracesEncryptionEnhance the calendar script with special dates
Enhance the word complete.vim scriptEnhanced command windowEntering special characters
Environment variablesErasing previously entered characters in insert modeErrorformat and makeprg
Errorformat for Intel ifortErrorformat for icc7Errorformat for java/ant/junit/cygwin/bash
ErrorformatsEvaluate an expression in any modeEvaluate current line using Python
Example vimrcExchanging adjacent wordsExecute Python from within current file
Execute a shell command in the directory shown in file explorerExecute accidentally inserted commandsExecute command on each file in a list
Execute commands from buffer text under WindowsExecute commands without changing the search registerExecute external programs asynchronously under Windows
Execute sybase-sql queries and see the result in a split windowExpand existing abbreviationExplorer startup and shutdown
Extending keywordsExternal commands on WindowsExternal paste buffer
Fast access to the first nine buffersFast buffer navigation by buffer numbersFast help in full window
Fast jump to line that matches a regular expressionFast one session mappingFast scroll mappings
Fast start up in a telnet sessionFast window resizing with plus/minus keysFaster directory browsing from command line
Faster loading of large filesFileName Completion in Shell ScriptsFile explorer
File formatFile no longer available - mark buffer modifiedFile search similar to cmd-t in TextMate
File type pluginsFiletype.vimFilter buffer on a search result
Find VIMRUNTIME in a bash scriptFind and edit any file in a directory using tag-like pattern matchingFind files in subdirectories
Find in files within VimFinding phone numbersFinding your way around in an installshield project XML file
Fine tuning syntax colorsFix .vimrcFix an autoindent error
Fix arrow keys that display A B C D on remote shellFix broken arrow key navigation in insert modeFix email quotations with long lines
Fix errors that relate to reading or creating files in the temp or tmp environment on an MS Windows PCFix indentationFix meta-keys that break out of Insert mode
Fix scrolling when using TrackpointFix syntax highlightingFix system path for Vim launched from Windows 7 taskbar
Fix the x command in virtualedit modeFold C-style commentsFold a C sharp region
Fold away empty linesFold quickfix list on directory or file namesFolding
Folding for diff filesFolding for plain text files based on indentationFolding functions with the prototype included
Folding like in Visual Basic .NETFolding of find locate tar-tf outputFolding with Regular Expression
Follow Help Tags Using CtagsFollow tag in new windowFootnotes
For verilog users onlyForcing Syntax Coloring for files with odd extensionsForcing UTF-8 Vim to read Latin1 as Latin1
Forgetting to save changes on FocusLostFormat a code blockFormat only long lines
Format paragraph without changing the cursor positionFormat pasted text automaticallyFormat your xml document using xmllint
Formatting paragraphs in LaTeX: an "environment-aware gqap"Formatting stuffFortran highlighting problems
French character mapsFrom Vim HelpFrom Vim Help/2008
From Vim Help/2009Function signature previewerFunction to use Sweyla's Color Theme Generator
Fuzzy insert mode completion (using FZF)Fuzzy mappings of everything!GNU/Linux clipboard copy/paste with xclip
GNU Screen integrationGenerate Java setters and getters automaticallyGenerate accessor and setter methods from variable names
Generate all Unicode charactersGenerate calendar fileGenerate ctags file for a C/C++ source file with all of their dependencies (standard headers, etc)
Generating a column of increasing numbersGeneric xml imap to make an element of any word you typeGet Alt key to work in terminal
Get a shell command for changing to the current directoryGet bright background colors in Linux consoleGet cursor position as byte percentage instead of line percentage
Get ex command line completion as a listGet inline help for PHP functionsGet latest releases for syntax highlighting, runtime, plugins etc
Get shortened messages from using echomsgGet the correct indent for new lines despite blank linesGet the name of the current file
Get the vim patched sourceGet vim 5.x window in vim 6.xGetting colors to work on solaris
Getting name of the functionGetting the Vim source with MercurialGit grep
Go away and come backGo to alternate file or next file if no alternateGo to definition using g
Go to end-of-line when using langmapGo to lineGoing to the nth-from-last window
Graphics and Drawing in vimscriptGreat wildmode/wildmenu and console mouseGroup matching lines
Gtk gvim and fontconfigHTML entitiesHandle common command typos
Handy option flag togglerHave . restore the cursor position a la emacs in viper modeHave Intellisense search current directory
Have VCSCommand work with an existing TortoiseSVN checkoutHave Vim check automatically if the file has changed externallyHave a nice and easy use of plugins
Have focus on left tab after tabcloseHelpfiles and avoiding E21 error with fileencodingHelps undo 1 line when entered many
Hex dumpHide fold markersHide toolbar or menus to see more text
Highlight all search pattern matchesHighlight current lineHighlight current word to find cursor
Highlight cursor line after cursor jumpHighlight debug blocks in programsHighlight doubled word errors in text
Highlight inserted text in insert modeHighlight long linesHighlight multiple words
Highlight only the current search resultHighlight simple Python syntax errorsHighlight some whitespace characters
Highlight special filetype docsHighlight text inside matching parenthesesHighlight unwanted spaces
HighlightingHighlighting of method names in the definitionHighlighting source between matching curly braces
How to Have a Vim RaveHow to avoid obliterating window layoutHow to initialize plugins
How to insert the contents of a buffer into the command lineHow to make a keymapHow to make and submit a patch
How to make fileencoding work in the modelineHow to mimic the vim 6.0 plugin feature with older versionsHow to not move cursor when selecting window with mouse
How to obscure text instantaneouslyHow to print full screen width messagesHow to sort using visual blocks
How to stop auto indentingHow to toggle between all vertical and all horizontal window layoutHow to turn off all colors
How to write a pluginIPython integrationIdentify the syntax highlighting group used at the cursor
Ignore white space in vimdiff
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