Implement your own interactive finder without pluginsImprove completion popup menuImproved hex editing
In line copy and paste to system clipboardIncreasing or decreasing numbersIncremental backup in central backup directory
Indent C blocks where braces are opened and closed on a single lineIndent a code blockIndent text object
Indent with tabs, align with spacesIndenting for JavaIndenting for Qt C++
Indenting source codeInline integer arithmeticInsert-mode only Caps Lock
Insert C++ or LaTeX or other comments easilyInsert a fileInsert a non commented line despite formatoptions
Insert a single characterInsert comment boxes in your codeInsert current date or time
Insert current directory nameInsert current filenameInsert if/endif around block of code
Insert image size into html tagInsert in normal modeInsert line numbers
Insert line numbers with a Perl filterInsert mail signatures from a rotating fileInsert multiple lines
Insert newline without entering insert modeInsert template files into bufferInserting a prefix in a parameter list
Inserting text in multiple linesInstalling on SolarisInstalling several releases in parallel, even with matchit
Integrate Pylint and Pychecker supportIntegrate Vim diff with TortoiseCVSIntegrate Vim with a dictionary
Integrate gvim with AutoCad MTEXTIntegrate gvim with RedHat Source-NavigatorIntegrate gvim with Visual Studio
Integrate with FTPeel on Mac OS XIntegrate with Mozilla ThunderbirdIntegration with PyUnit testing framework
Interactive finder/filter for lists of itemsInternationalizing the Vim editorInternet search for the current word
Introduce variableIntroduction to display editing using viInvert the number row keys for faster typing
Invoke a function with a count prefixJ2ME developmentJAVH - Just another Vim Hacker
JavaBeans helper functionJavaFX indent pluginJoining two lines of text based on pattern
Jump back to spell checked wordsJump between methods in C++Jump to a function from where it is called
Jump to a line numberJump to a random lineJump to definition of entity under cursor
Jump to file from CVSDiff outputJump to recent buffersJump to tag (help topic) with German keyboard
Jumping to previously visited locationsJumping to the declaration of a local/global variableJumping to the start and end of a code block
Jumps to a local/global definition by same keyKDE Konsole renameSession to edited file nameKeep SQL-PLUS command history under Windows
Keep a to-do memo file with links as in Vim helpKeep folds closed while inserting textKeep incremental backups of edited files
Keep passwords in encrypted fileKeep the modified flag after writing to a fileKeep your cursor centered vertically on the screen
Keep your vimrc file cleanKey maps using the Alt modifierKeystroke Saving Substituting and Searching
Launch files in new tabs under UnixLaunch files in new tabs under WindowsLaunch lynx to get info for the current word
Launch remote batch jobs and view results in VimLearn to use helpLetting variable values be overwritten in a script
Line/word/file/whatever completionLintingList buffers sorted by name
List changes to the current fileList lines with current search pattern highlightedList lines with keyword and prompt for jump
List loaded scriptsListing buffersLoad files from list of filenames in a text file
Load multiple files with a single commandLoad my script only onceLoading scripts in vimrc safely
Look up tags using regular expressionsLookup the city and state of a given US Zip code using TCLLookup word in dict
Mac OS X clipboard sharingMacro expansion C/C++Macros
Maintain cursor and screen positionMaintain multiple versions of gvim in WindowsMake-compile current buffer
Make C-Left C-Right behave as in WindowsMake File-Open track directory of current fileMake Shift-Tab work
Make Vim completion popup menu work just like in an IDEMake an HTML anchor and href tagMake arrow keys work in visual mode under Windows
Make buffer modifiable state match file readonly stateMake echo seen when it would otherwise disappear and go unseenMake footnotes in vim
Make great use of those homemade menusMake mouse drag not select text or go into visual modeMake non-ASCII characters displayed on console
Make search results appear in the middle of the screenMake support for NEC V850 CA850 compilersMake tar of all files in vim buffer
Make views automaticMake vim and gvim have the same colorsMake vim the editor for files with unregistered extensions in Windows
Making CapsLock work in VimMaking Parenthesis And Brackets Handling EasierMaking a list of numbers
Manage a tasklist of to-do code snippetsManaging set optionsManipulate quoted strings
Map Ctrl-Backspace to delete previous wordMap Ctrl-S to save current or new filesMap caps lock to escape in Windows
Map caps lock to escape in XWindowsMap caps lock to escape in macOSMap extra keys on non US keyboards
Map semicolon to colonMapping fast keycodes in terminal VimMapping keys in Vim - Tutorial (Part 1)
Mapping keys in Vim - Tutorial (Part 2)Mapping keys in Vim - Tutorial (Part 3)Mapping to enter colon commands
Mapping to quickly browse helpMappingsMappings to facilitate the creation of text
Maps, Commands, and Functions - some examples of their interplayMatch valid IP addressMatching optional parts of a word
Maximize current windowMaximize or restore windowMaximize or set initial window size
Maximize window and return to previous split structureMbox archive emailsMeasure time taken to execute a command
Menu for inserting special charactersMerge longs lines that were split by terminal windowMighty Mouse
Mimic shift-arrow to select text in terminals without shift-arrowMinify File inside Vim without pluginsMinimize and restore gvim under Windows using shortcut keys
Mkdir on edit if neededModeline magicModified undo behavior
More visible mode feedbackMouse wheel for scroll only - disable middle button pasteMove comment line to end of next line
Move current window between tabsMove cursor by display lines when wrappingMove cursor up/down virtually in insert mode
Move files with a Vim commandMove function parameters with macroMove through wrapped lines
Move to next/previous line with same indentationMoving aroundMoving between buffers using mouse
Moving by screen lines instead of file linesMoving lines up or downMoving specified Characters in a given range of line to specified Column
Moving through camel case wordsMoving to matching bracesMoving to the next word in insert mode
Multi-line abbreviationsMultiple commands at onceNavigate to the next open fold
Naviguer dans l'aide avec un clavier AZERTYNew to VimNewlines and nulls in Vim script
NewsNice window resizingNon-blinking block cursor in a Linux console
Non-native fileformat for your statuslineNot So Quick generic option togglingNumber a group of lines
Numbering lines and interpolating sequencesOEM to ANSI conversionOmni completion
Omni completion popup menuOmnicomplete - Remove Python Pydoc Preview WindowOne big window
Online documentation for word under cursorOpen File, Go To Last Line, Add Blank Line, Change To Insert ModeOpen PDF files
Open SVN diff windowOpen Windows Explorer showing directory of current bufferOpen Windows Help files on a specific topic
Open a Perl module from its module nameOpen a file in Linux Mint Cinnamon via a menu actionOpen a web-browser with the URL in the current line
Open a window with the man page for the word under the cursorOpen every buffer in its own tabpageOpen file in already running vim from elsewhere
Open file under cursorOpen files in same window under Mac OS XOpen pdf to the current location in a LaTeX file
Open same file read-only in second VimOpen the directory for the current file in WindowsOpen the folder containing the currently open file
Open the last edited fileOpen vimrc fileOpening gvim atop a console window
Opening multiple files from a single command-lineOpening new buffer below the currentOpening several files in vim via ListFile
Optionally open matching or selected tag in full height vertical windowOverload a key with multiple handlersOverride Colors in a Color Scheme
PHP editingPHP manual in Vim help formatPHP online help
Page 1 of 123 in header of hardcopyPage up/down and keep cursor positionPar text reformatter
Paste from the clipboard into a new vimPaste registers in search or colon commands instead of using the clipboardPasting code with syntax coloring in emails
Pasting registersPatch to conceal parts of linesPerl compatible regular expressions
Perldoc function and module keyboard mappingsPluginPlugin-manager
Power KPower of gPrecise Jumps Without Mouse
Preexisting code indentationPreloading registersPreserve missing end-of-line at end of text files
Press space to jump between windows and to expand themPretty-formatting XMLPrevent a second instance of Vim from starting
Prevent escape from moving the cursor one character to the leftPrevent frequent commands from slowing things downPreview current HTML file
Preview output from interpreter in new windowPrint syntax highlighted buffer in one color
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