Print to a Postscript filePrinting using kprinterPrinting with syntax highlighting independent of your normal highlighting
Project browsing using findProject specific settingsPrompted quit in insert-mode
Protecting a file from accidental changesProvide script-accessible version info in your pluginsPuTTY numeric keypad mappings
Put boxes around comments in codePut the indentation level on the status linePutting the current file on the Windows clipboard
Python - check syntax and run scriptPython script utf8 encodingQT Help from Vim
Quick Markdown PreviewQuick access to Vim tips and scripts with konquerorQuick and dirty Postgres query
Quick command in insert modeQuick fileQuick generic option toggling
Quick insert character at end-of-lineQuick launch html and other Windows documentsQuick mapping for backing up the file
Quick peek at filesQuick reference of current functionQuick save
Quick save to a temporary file before more editsQuick tipsQuick tips for using tab pages
Quick way to insert opening and closing braces for programmersQuick window resizingQuick yank and paste
Quickfix and Visual Studio and cygwinQuickfix and doxygenQuickly adding and deleting empty lines
Quickly change word or lineQuickly insert a single wordQuickly look up Vim help
Quickly switch between pager-like and editor-like scrollQuote unquoted HTML attributesQuoted Printable to Plain
RangesRead base64 raw string/email in VimRead tag files from all directories in your path
Really basic RCS interaction from within vimRecord a recursive macroRecording keys for repeated jobs
Recover from accidental Ctrl-URecover overwritten fileRecovering files
Recreate tempfile directoryRecursive mappingsRedirect g search output
Refresh screen while typing a commandRegex-based text alignmentRegex lookahead and lookbehind
Rejustify roff style markupReload file without losing undo historyReload the same file in different encoding
Reload your filetype/syntax pluginReloading a file using a different encodingRemap join to merge comment lines
Remember my buffersRemember where you had ended reading helpRemembering previous deletes/yanks
Remove annoyance with syntax highlighting when starting a stringRemove diacritical signs from charactersRemove swap and backup files from your working directory
Remove unwanted empty linesRemove unwanted spacesRemove up to the nth slash to clean file lists
Removing automatic comment leadersRepeat command on each line in visual blockRepeat last change
Repeat last colon commandRepeat last command and put cursor at start of changeRepeat search using grep
Repeating a substitute from current cursor positionRepeating an ex command on multiple blocksReplace a builtin command using cabbrev
Replace a visual-block of text with another such blockReplace a word with yanked textReplace buffer list when switching
Replace selected shell command with full path when editing scriptsReplace the file name extensionReplace with no typing
Resize splits more quicklyResize window when showing/hiding line numbersResize xterm when running vimdiff
Restore cursor to file position in previous editing sessionRestore missing gvim menu bar under GNOMERestore screen size and position
Restore state of edited files when reopenedRestore the cursor position after undoing text change made by a scriptRestore the last used mode when switching tabpages
Restoring indent after typing hashReturn to previous indentReverse letters
Reverse order of linesReverse selected textReversing order of blocks of text
Review code effectively using quickfixRight click in Windows Explorer to open gvim in explorer modeRotating mail signatures
Run Matlab script under WindowsRun Vim command on current C/C++/Java functionRun a command in multiple buffers
Run make from command line and open Vim on errorsRun matlab scriptRun native-Windows Vim from cygwin without a wrapper
Running diffRunning the win32-version of Vim from cygwinRuntime syntax check for php
STL help using tags - C++ Standard Template LibrarySafari style keybindings for tab navigationSample switch between number/nonumber
Save all open buffers at onceSave buffer without changing Last Modified attributeSave each line in separate numbered files
Save settings between Vim sessionsSaving a fileSaving file made easy
Scientific calculatorScript for choosing vim background colorScripting - Indirectly Referencing Variables
Scroll alternate windowScroll using arrow keys like in a web browserScrolling synchronously
Search JDK help for keyword at cursorSearch across multiple linesSearch all files in project quickly
Search and Goto in FilesSearch and replaceSearch and replace in a visual selection
Search and replace in multiple buffersSearch and replace the word under the cursorSearch and sort by selection
Search for a C-style for statementSearch for current word in multiple filesSearch for current word in new window
Search for lines not containing pattern and other helpful searchesSearch for non-ASCII charactersSearch for visually selected text
Search in current functionSearch multiple buffers for next matchSearch on all opened buffers
Search only in unfolded textSearch only over a visual rangeSearch patterns
Search the web for text selected in VimSearch through filesSearch using quickfix to list occurrences
Search visuallySearch without need to escape slashSearching
Searching for expressions which include slashesSearching for filesSearching for files in a directory listing
Section jump in LatexSee man pages by gviewSee the tabs in your file
Select tab page with a keySelecting blocks of paragraphsSelecting changes in diff mode
Selecting your pasted textSelectively displaying abbreviationsSend buffer to interpreter in a new xterm
Send to default printer with no prompts under WindowsSet VIMRUNTIME within vimrcSet Vim as the default editor for unknown file types in Windows
Set Vim as your default editor for UnixSet gvim font in MacOSXSet indent parameters for Python files
Set options or named registers with letSet options with automatic escaping of spacesSet up vtreeexplorer and taglist on left
Set working directory to the current fileSetting Clearcase View as the title of the gvim windowSetting file attributes without reloading a buffer
Setting tags when working with multiple source branchesSetting the font in the GUIShadow your comments to see the code
Shebang line automatically generatedShell script to use grep with gvimShifting blocks visually
Short mappings for common tasksShowBlockName one-liner equivalent for one coding styleShow a useful title on exit in an xterm
Show current function name in C programsShow entire multiline error in quickfixShow file modification time and more on status bar
Show file modification time on status barShow fileencoding and bomb in the status lineShow how many lines between matching pairs
Show only lines in quickfix list for current bufferShow tab number in your tab lineShow tags in a separate preview window
Show the length of the current wordShow what function the cursor is inShowing syntax highlight group in statusline
Showing the ASCII value of the current characterSimple Macros to quote and unquote a wordSimple code beautifier
Simple creation of scriptsSimple placeholdersSimple programmers TODO list using grep and quickfix
Simple text alignmentSimplifying regular expressions using magic and no-magicSimulating arrays with Vim
Single config file for Vim on Windows with CygwinSingle tags file for a source treeSkip blank lines when folding text
SmartHome and SmartEnd over wrapped linesSmart abbreviationSmart home
Smart mapping for tab completionSmart pasteSmarter Table Editing
Smarter Table Editing IISmarter pastingSnippet Plugin Comparison
Snippets for JavaScript, HTML and PythonSome Java tipsSome tips on saving the document
Sort linesSort lines by a specified word numberSorting lines in a file based on the number of words in each line
Source current file when editing a scriptSource searching for programmersSource vimrc and use tags in a parent directory
Special characters in the substitute commandSpecify a column with barSpeed up Python coding
Speed up Syntax HighlightingSpeed up developing XSLT filesSpelling suggestions anywhere, even in console mode
Start in insert mode without losing your escape keyStart with a wide window for diffStatus line to display more information
Statusline tab level rulerStep increment and replaceSu-write
Substitute characters and lines easilySubstitute last searchSubversion developer cindent options
Sum numbersSuper retabSuppressing file changed warnings in a specific buffer
Surround selection with textSwap LHS and RHS of an Assignment statement
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