Switch color schemesSwitch to unit test module for PythonSwitching between different statuslines
Switching between different versions of Vim on WindowsSwitching between filesSwitching case of characters
Synchronize configuration to many computersSyntax-based foldingSyntax folding for Java
Syntax folding of Python filesSyntax folding of Vim scriptsSyntax highlighting for HTML with embedded Javascript
Syntax highlighting in xtermTOVL - one lib for all ?Tabclose instead of quit-all
TabsTabulated-ish data entryTags for Mixed Assembly and C
Tags generation for current fileTags that jump to line and columnTemporarily replace grep with a custom program
Testing Vim variables from the shellText object for formulas in LatexText objects for strings
Text template with placeholdersThe perfect programming fontTime your Vim commands
Timer to execute commands periodicallyTo switch back to normal mode automatically after inactionToggle auto-indenting for code paste
Toggle auto-wrapToggle between tabs and spacesToggle gvim window size
Toggle off the line-number when enter on-line helpToggle spellcheck with function keysToggle to open or close the quickfix window
Toggling yes-noTracking clipboard changesTrailing white space aware Delete key
Transfer text between two Vim instancesTransfer text between two gvim sessions using clipboardTranslate HTML entity numbers to text
Translate between single line and block commentsTranslate text between different character setsTransposing
TroubleshootingTurn on syntax coloring in Mac OS XTutorial
Type and run templates instead of routine codeTyping print statements fasterUbuntu 13.04, Vim, Gvim and Commnand-T
Unconditional linewise or characterwise pasteUnderline using dashes automaticallyUnderstanding VIMRUNTIME
Undo and RedoUniq - Removing duplicate linesUnique sorting
Unused keysUpdate the diff view automaticallyUpload web files from Vim using Python
Use "set report=0" to always display "lines Xed" on message lineUse (and maintain) a single set of configuration filesUse :next to search for files in the current directory
Use Alt-Mouse to select blockwiseUse Ctrl-O instead of Esc in insert mode mappingsUse K to easily run a Windows program for the current word
Use Python to build project in Visual StudioUse Return and Delete keys in normal mode like in insert modeUse Unix command-line tools in Windows
Use Vim like an IDEUse Vim to expire your mail so Mutt will delete them laterUse a function key as map leader
Use a smaller font for vimdiffUse abbreviations for frequently-used wordsUse balloonexpr effectively
Use cygwin shellUse eval to create dynamic templatesUse filter commands to process text
Use gf to open a file via its URLUse glimpse from within VimUse grep to get a clickable list of function names
Use gvim as an external editor for Linux appsUse gvim as an external editor for Windows appsUse gvim for diff under TortoiseCVS
Use gvim in kmailUse gvim to view page source in Internet ExplorerUse ijkl to move the cursor and h to insert
Use integrated spell checkingUse maven with quickfixUse recording to easily add function skeletons from prototypes
Use shortcut key to start gvim in WindowsUse tab key to switch windows and current file pathUse temporary tags file when browsing new source
Use the buffer menu in gvimUse the console colors in gvimUse the last-inserted-text register
Use the quickfix window to list all errorsUse the same runtime files for native-Windows Vim and cygwin VimUse vi shortcuts in terminal
User input from a scriptUsing Computer Modern TT as a gvim font under WindowsUsing DDE to open the current Vim file in Visual Studio
Using GUI color settings in a terminalUsing Git from VimUsing Gnu-info help in vim
Using H and L keys as context sensitive pagedown/pageupUsing Ispell on a highlighted regionUsing PuTTY pscp with Vim
Using TagList for ANT build filesUsing VimBall with makeUsing Vim as an outline processor
Using Vim key bindings while typing non-latin1 textUsing Vim to send mail on WindowsUsing Vim with the Dvorak keyboard layout
Using ZSH completion with ctags and VimUsing abbreviationsUsing an expression in substitute command
Using bar in external grepUsing bash completion with ctags and VimUsing command-line history
Using elinks with netrwUsing embedded Perl interpreterUsing folders with latex
Using g instead of substituteUsing gvim as frontend for dbxUsing marks
Using netbeans 4 and vim for javaUsing normal command in a script for searchingUsing parameterized snippet inserts
Using quickfix in a different wayUsing remote editing with knetattachUsing selected text in a command
Using standard editor shortcuts in VimUsing tab pagesUsing terminal Vim as an external editor
Using the Windows clipboard in Cygwin VimUsing the mouse for Vim in an xtermUsing undo branches
Using vertical splitsUsing vim as a man-page viewer under UnixUsing vim as a syntax-highlighting pager
Using vim as an IDE all in oneUsing vim as calculatorUsing vim color schemes with Putty
Using vim to view source and edit textarea in mozilla/firebirdUsing your vim on different xterms with colorsUuencode and uudecode text in Vim
Verbose replace without 'c' flagVerbose startup while avoiding File not foundVersion Control for Vimfiles
Version independent installation of Vim on WindowsVery basic session persistenceVi key bindings in gtk
View NFO-files correctlyView PHP documentation for current wordView Source from Internet Explorer in gvim
View Source in IE6 using VIMView a Java Class File using a decompilerView all colors available to gvim
View and diff MS Word filesView character classView man pages in Vim
View only what you are editingView text file in two columnsViewing the actual XPM data in GVIM
Vim-Shell embeds a terminal in VimVim-plugin-managerVim-sessions under Mac
Vim-sessions under relaunchVimLock mode to enter numbers
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