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created 2005 · complexity intermediate · author horndude77 · version 6.0

In Java I found that I rarely needed to insert a carriage return in the middle of a string without first adding a "+ to the end. Also I found that when deleting the opening quote of a string which is part of a longer string I almost always indent to connect it back up to the previous line. So here was my solution. This is my first attempt to make something like this with Vim so the coding might be a bit messy, but it gets the job done.

For example when typing this in:

String s = "A very long string <cursor>

If you press Enter at this point you will get:

String s = "A very long string "+

At this point pressing backspace you will be back where you were before. It's come in handy. Let me know.

" If the cursor is in the middle of a quote block when <CR> is pressed
" a quote is added to the end of the line followed by a plus, a <CR>
" and another quote.
function! Quotereturn()
  let before=strpart(getline(line(".")), 0, col(".")-1)
  "let after=strpart(getline(line(".")), col("."))
  if(before =~ '^\([^"]*"\([^"\\]\|\\.\)*"\)*[^"]*"\([^"\\]\|\\.\)*$')
    return "\"+\"\<Left>\<CR>\<Right>"
    return "\<CR>"
inoremap <CR> <C-R>=Quotereturn()<CR>

" If you backspace over a quote and it's a continuation fromanother line
" the two strings will be concatenated with quotes, spaces, and + removed.
function! Quotebackspace()
  if( (strpart(getline(line(".")), 0, col(".")-1) =~ '^\s*"$') && (getline(line(".")-1) =~ "\"+$") )
    return "\<Esc>d0kgJhhxxxi"
    return "\<C-H>"
inoremap <BS> <C-R>=Quotebackspace()<CR>


Maybe this could be a plugin for Java file type.

> I think first return could be
> return "\"+\<CR>\""

Unfortunately no. It should stay as it is. Consider:

  String s = "A string with spaces.";

And you want it to be:

  String s = "A string with"+
     " spaces.";

If we use the change that you suggested (that I had originally) the space at the beginning of the second part of the string would have been eaten by Vim in the beginning tabs and it would have looked like:

  String s = "A string with"+

Adding the quote first and then doing the carriage return fixes this.

> Also on my Vim (6.3) function could return "\<BS>" for backspace,
> so <BS> would not be connected with <C-H> (I have other > mappings for
> <C-H> in Insert), so second return in second function could read as
> return "\<BS>"

True, this should probably be changed.

As for the plugin, I didn't know how to do that. It took about 5 minutes of looking through the docs that you pointed to. Perhaps that could be submitted as a script sometime later. Thanks!