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created 2005 · complexity basic · author MA · version 6.0

QT GUI Toolkit comes with extensive documentation in html format; searching in help that means constant copy/paste from Vim into my Opera web browser. This tip will allow you to press <C-t> in Vim on any QT Class or Function and have the relevant help open up in Opera in the background.

1. Build tags for all the QT classes and functions using the Perl script given below.

2. Put this in vimrc:

set tags^=$QTDIR/tags,$QTDIR/doc/html/tags
au FileType html :silent exe ":!c:/opera/6*/opera.exe ".expand("%:p")

3. Press <Control-T> on QWidget in any source file The file QTDIR/doc/html/qfile.html will open up in Opera web browser in the background.

Other web browsers may work too.

# WHAT: make tags for qt documentation.
# HOW: cd $QTDIR/doc/html; perl $0 index > tags
# AUTHOR: Mohsin Ahmed
while( <> ){
  if( m/^"(\S+)"\s+(\S+\.html)(.+)/ ) {
    push @mytaglist,"$class\t$file\t/$class/\n";
    if( $class =~ m/(\S+)::(\S+)/ ){
      my($class,$func) = ($1,$2);
      push @mytaglist,"$func\t$file\t/$class::$func/\n";
      if( ! $seen{$class}++ ){
        push @mytaglist,"$class\t$file\t/$class/\n";
print sort @mytaglist;


That's how I changed it to use Firefox and close the HTML itself. Although I don't like it that much as now always when I edit an HTML file it will be closed right away...

autocmd FileType html :silent execute '!start C:\Programme\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe "%:p" ' | bd

This command in vimrc launches Opera only on qt html files:

au BufReadPost *qt*/doc/html/*.html :silent exe ":!c:/opera/6*/opera.exe ".expand("%:p") | bd

Putting $QTDIR above did not work, ideally this command should go into qtdir/doc/html/.vimrc.

For some reason I couldn't get the perl script to work, so I hacked this:

function! QtClassDoc()
	let qt_dir = "/usr/share/qt4/doc/html/"
	let class = tolower(expand("<cword>"))
 	silent execute "!opera -pd .opera-qt -newpage " . qt_dir . class . ".html &>/dev/null" . " &" | redraw!

I also found the perl script doesn't work. But we can just use exuberant ctags to generate the tags file for Qt html doc (run ctags under Qt's html doc directory) and put that tags file in Vim.