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created May 22, 2004 · complexity basic · author Yasuoki Mutoh · version 6.0

First, try the following command in your Vim.

:!start explorer

You will see the Vim home page in the browser. That's OK.

Then, it'll be much quicker if a menu icon is defined like this.

Triple crick on url and click icon, then you'll get the url in your browser.

But inserting a new icon is not easy, so replace existing one.

Following is the part of "$VIM_HOME\vim\vim61\menu.vim" that shows "Open New" icon replaced with "Start Explore" definition.

if 1 " disabled; These are in the Windows menu " Replaced 0 to 1.
  an 1.135 ToolBar.-sep4- <Nop>
  "an 1.140 ToolBar.New <C-W>n " Commented.
  vnoremenu 1.140 ToolBar.New "wy:!start explorer <C-R>w<CR> " Added.
  tmenu ToolBar.New Start Explorer " Tool tip added.
  an 1.150 ToolBar.WinSplit <C-W>s


The named buffer "w" is used for not disturbing clip board.

Remove comment on Tool tip line.


See VimTip628, VimTip394