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created 2005 · complexity basic · author Anupam · version 5.7

To quickly change a word you can use cw,caw or ciw. Use c$ or just C to quickly change from the cursor to the end of a line, cc to change an entire line, or cis for a sentence.

The standard change word command requires you to type cw, then a new word, then press Escape. Using the version below, you would type pw, then a new word, then press Space to exit back to normal mode. Or, you would type p$, then a new line, then press Enter.

nmap pw :inoremap <lt>Space> <lt>Space><lt>Esc>:iunmap <lt>lt>Space><lt>CR><CR> cw

nmap p$ :inoremap <lt>CR> <lt>CR><lt>Esc>:iunmap <lt>lt>CR><lt>CR><CR> c$

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