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created 2006 · complexity intermediate · author Manu Hack · version n/a

If you have a Matlab script file (not function file), then you could add the following simple files to C:/Program Files/Vim/vimfiles/ftplugin/matlab (depends on where you installed Vim).

for i in range(len(vim.current.buffer)):
  print h.Execute(vim.current.buffer[i])


:py from win32com.client import Dispatch
:py import vim
:py h=Dispatch('matlab.application')
map <buffer> ,r :w<CR>:cd C:/Program Files/Vim/vimfiles/ftplugin/matlab<CR>:pyf<CR>

Then just type ,r you can run and get the results in the current windows.

Make sure you have a running Python. I'm using WinXP, Vim 7.0, Matlab 6.5, and Python 2.4.

See the improved version of this tip in script#1634.


Not working. I created the files run.vim,, and the map. However, when I enter a matlab script I get this:

Couldn't open buffer 3 in window 2, creating a new window
Error message: NameError: name 'Dispatch' is not defined

Just a thought on this one, perhaps it would be better to enclose run.vim in:

if has("win32")

just to ensure it doesn't cause problems for those of use who use the same Vim setup on Windows & Linux. Also, it would be beneficial to change the mapping to use $VIM instead of C:\Program Files\vim

Another thing is that there should be a tab before the line in the for-loop. You may get an error for omitting that.

Some more updates for the code:

1. One may need to add the path where your functions are stored. This can be done by Matlab function addpath.

2. After using for a while, I find that if my script call other functions which have been modified, Matlab is not able to use the updated version of the functions. One could add a line in as follows.

h.Execute("rehash toolboxcache")
for i in range(len(vim.current.buffer)):
  print h.Execute(vim.current.buffer[i])

Then it should work well. At least at the moment I could start working without going back and forth between Matlab and Vim.

Finally got some time to improve the run.vim.

Now no need to use the and just put the following run.vim in ftplugin/matlab.

if has("win32")
  :py from win32com.client import Dispatch
  :py import vim
  :py h=Dispatch('matlab.application')
  :py path=vim.eval('expand("%:p:h")')
  :py h.Execute("temppath='"+ path+"'")
  :py h.Execute("addpath(temppath)")
  :py h.Execute("clear temppath")
  map <buffer> ,r :w<CR>:py h.Execute("rehash path")<CR>:py print h.Execute(vim.eval('expand("%:t:r")'))<CR>
  map <buffer> ,b :w<CR>:py h.Execute("rehash path")<CR>:py print h.Execute('dbstop in '+vim.eval('expand("%:t:r")')+' at '+vim.eval('line(".")'))<CR>

Still, you need Python with the win32com.

Tip: You might want to use 'matlab.desktop.application' for the complete matlab interface.

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