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created 2005 · complexity basic · author mixedvolume · version 5.7

This tip builds on VimTip926 (tagging QT help). With a different Perl parser given below for tagging STL documentation.

In vim, you can now do

:ta vector

Or press Control-T on vector to open stl/vector.html in your browser.

Or do :ts /push to find all tags names ~ push.


cd STL_doc
perl > tags # script given below.

In your vimrc put these two lines:

au BufReadPost */stl_doc/*.html :silent exe ":!c:/opera/6*/opera.exe ".expand("%:p") | bd
set tags+=your_stl_dir/tags

I use Opera 6,7,8, but all browsers should work. The html files are opened in tabbed windows in Opera, so no clutter on desktop.

Feel free to hack the script, you can decide what tags you want from STL, here is an example of the tags you should get

pos_type char_traits.html 133;" STL/Member
power power.html /<Title>/;" STL/Title
prev_permutation prev_permutation.html /<Title>/;" STL/Title
previous Slist.html 477;" STL/Member
priority_queue priority_queue.html /<Title>/;" STL/Title
priority_queue priority_queue.html 194;" STL/Member
priority_queue::empty priority_queue.html 290;" STL/Class::Member
priority_queue::pop priority_queue.html 334;" STL/Class::Member
# What: tag stl documentation for use from gvim.
# How: wget; unzip
# cd stl_doc; perl > tags
# In ~/.vimrc put this:
# :set tags^=stl_doc/tags
# au BufReadPost */stl/*.html :silent exe ":!c:/ opera/6*/opera.exe ".expand("%:p") | bd
# Usage: vim file.cpp
# :ta vector -> Opera will display stl_doc/vector.html
# Author: Mohsin Ahmed

# make tags for html files listed stl_index.html

open(INDEX,"stl_index.html") or die "no stl_index.html?";

while(<INDEX>){ $files{$1}++ if m/href="(\w+?.html)"/; } close INDEX;
foreach $htmlf (keys %files){
    open(FILE,"$htmlf") or die "cannot read $htmlf";
    $lineno = $member=0;
        s,>,>,g; s,<,<,g; s,&,&,g; # html quadgraphs
        if( m,^<Title>([\w\s]+), ){ $tag = $1; # tag single word titles
        next if $tag_seen{$tag}++ || $tag =~ m/\s/;
        push @mytaglist,"$tag\t$htmlf\t/<Title>/;\" STL/Title\n";
    $members++ if m/<h3>Members/i; # collect members in /Members/..eof()
    $members=0 if m,</table>,i;
    if( $members && m,^<code>(.+?)</code>, ){
        $tag = $1 if $tag =~ m/\b(\S+)\(/; # purge proto
        next if $tag =~ /href=/; # skip urls.
        $tag =~ s,^operator(\S+),$1,; # purge sugar
        my $file = $htmlf; $file =~ s,\..*,,;
        push @mytaglist,"$tag\t$htmlf\t$lineno;\" STL/Member\n" # member
        unless $seen{"$tag.$file"}++;
        $tag = "$file\::$tag"; # class::member
        push @mytaglist,"$tag\t$htmlf\t$lineno;\" STL/Class::Member\n"
        unless $tag_seen{$tag}++;
    close FILE;
print sort @mytaglist;