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Use this page to discuss script 1586 verilog_systemverilog: Verilog syntax highlighting for SystemVerilog

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How to make "matchit(%)" work:

  1. Copy "ftdetect/verilog_systemverilog.vim" to "ftplugin/verilog_systemverilog.vim", deleting the line of "au XXXX".
  2. Edit "ftdetect/verilog_systemverilog.vim", deleting all other lines except the line of "runtime XXXX".
  3. Done. Now open a "*.sv" file and try "%"!

You can download the fixed version of this plugin from: verilog_systemverilog_fix --AyuanX November 18, 2010‎

There is no support for mailboxes..can you add it? -vikasch August 28, 2012

Please add support to *.svh files also.