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Thanks Karl Guertin for creating such a useful plugin, I like it!
I've one tip for improvement: can we define our own paired character?


This plugin is great! But i've one tip for improvement:

When deleting a previously typed brace, the automatically added brace doesn't get deleted. so if you type a wrong brace by mistake, you also have to delete the automatically inserted one. never mind, it's working now.


Hi man !

Another improvement i'd like to see implemented:

After typing the brace (or any other element that will auto close) the cursos only jumps to the closing brace if I type <ESC>, but it doesn't do that when I type <CTRL>+C, which does the same as <ESC> and is a faster combination to type.

Thanks from Brazil for the plugin! And I'm sorry about my english... :D


Hi. Two bugs I found after using this great plugin for a while:

1. In INSERT mode, press any of the arrow keys, it prints one of letters A, B, C, D. I see these are the ANSI escape sequences for the arrow keys, e.g. "\033[A" is the up arrow key.

Are you sure this is the plugin's fault? What happens if you actually press the arrow keys? Usually this problem occurs because your terminal is misconfigured. Luckily, it is easy to fix the arrow keys in terminal Vim.
I have the same thing... Using set nocompatible DOESN`T help (without this script nocompatible works good). When added this script, arrows in insert mode go wild... ttimeout`s are set... What can help???

2. Occasionally, I get this error when pressing the toggle keybinding, which is <leader>a:

Error detected while processing function <SNR>25_ToggleAutoCloseMappings:
line 10:
E31: No such mapping
line 11:
E31: No such mapping

I just kept doing <leader>a to reproduce this error.