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Comments[edit source]

Perl support fix[edit source]

By default (with the latest 0.5 version at this writing), it doesn't handle a lot of folding cases for Perl properly, but if you replace the Perl support section of SimpleFold.vim with the lines below, it will handle nearly every case properly.

" Perl support
let g:perl_simplefold_expr =
    \ '\v(^\s*(package|use|sub)>\s)'
let g:perl_simplefold_nestable_end_expr =
    \ '\v^\s*(\}|\);|\)\};)' .
    \ '|\v\(\#\)\@<!\}$' .
    \ '|\v\(\#\)\@<!\}\s*#.*$'
let g:perl_simplefold_prefix =
    \ '\v^\s*(#.*)?$'
let g:perl_simplefold_nestable_start_expr =
    \ '\v^\s*((elsif|if|for|foreach|unless|while)>\s*.*\{$' .
    \ '|\v^\s*(elsif|if|for|foreach|unless|while)>\s*.*\{.*\#' .
    \ '|else\s*\{' .
    \ '|for(each)?>\s*my[^\(]+\s*\(.*\)\s*\{' .
    \ '|(my>|our>)?\s*[@%\$].*\($)'

About the only thing that doesn’t work after this change is lines which both close and open a block, e.g.:

if (something) {
} elsif (somethingelse) {                 #this doesn’t work
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