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I love this script! Very well done. -- Paul/London UK
I really love this, too! Thank you very much. -- Koh/Seoul Korea

Possible Improvements[]

Selecting a selection from the popup menu means placing your hand on arrows which distracts your hands main position while using Vim (sdfghjkl line). Like pummode ( does, it is very rational to use casual normal mode movement keys as selection keys. But this has the disadvantage of typing <C-V> before every letter you want to use and not to move. As a hybrid solution plugin may hold a buffer (e.g. 3 for making jk to come after each other at most 3 times. For example when the words vim remembers are,

 asdkr, asdeererer, asdjke

and when you type asd, a popup menu opens. If I want to select asdeererer only I have to do is typing asdj(or jj). But if I want to write (lets say asdjkrtd) which is not in vim's memory and the first letter after asd is j or k, I should type <C-V> before j after asd. If a buffer of previously pressed keys are kept, plugin can remember to insert the movent keys (jk) as normal characters after a key (in asdjkrtd this is r) which is not directing popup selection is entered. The scenario would be like:

 press asd and a popup opens,
 press jk but not inserted yet kept in the buffer,
 press r and buffered keys jk will be inserted before r and asdjkr is printed on the screen, 
 type td as your last letters and asdjkrtd is inserted


I just installed this plugin, and get this error when starting vim:

 Error detected while processing /home/sara/.vim/plugin/acp.vim:
 line  164:
 E117: Unknown function: acp#enable

VIM - Vi IMproved 7.3 (2010 Aug 15, compiled May 4 2012 04:25:35) Ubuntu 12.04 Precise