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Fuzzy matching vs Tab completionEdit

The animated gifs (which are for version 1) implied that the plugin supports tab completion. At first I was disapointed that this wasn't present in version 2 - until I realised how totally cool the fuzzy matching is.

With fuzzy matching, you only need to type a few letters of the filename you want - and it will find it for you. If you type 'js' and only have one file that has the letters 'js' in it - you've got it.

Here's an example. If you're working on a search module for instance, using a framework that requires all your files to start with the module name, you have the following list of files :

  • special_search.install
  • special_search.module
  • special_search_admin.php
  • special_search_user.php
  • special_search_ui.php
  • special_search_ui.js

To get a the file "special_search_ui.js" with tab completion, you'd type : s<TAB>ui<TAB>j<TAB><CR> (or something similar)

With fuzzy matching, you only need to type : js<CR>

Say you had another javascript file : "special_search_ajax.js". Then with fuzzy matching, you could get at "special_search_ui.js" by typing : uijs<CR>


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