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Vim 8.0 Fix[]

For some reason the "BufDelete" autocmd is not working properly under vim 8.0 with FuzzyFinder.vim. A quick fix is to add the following line in .vim/autoload/l9/tempbuffer.vim (line 101):

 execute printf('%dbdelete!', s:dataMap[a:bufname].bufNr)
 "TODO: find a better/nicer solution
 execute 'wincmd p' 


OMG soooo good. You think "I wish it did this" and the feature is there (e.g reuse_window). So organized. So extensible and easy to use for your own purposes. I hope someday I'm as good a programmer as this guy.

It's not a dead script either there are a bunch of forks of it with one commit each in the revision control :/ --April 20, 2014