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When I use the plugin CSApprox-3.50 with latest Vim-7.3f built without GUI, I get this message:

$ vim
CSApprox needs gui support - not loading.
  See :help |csapprox-+gui| for possible workarounds.

This check can now be removed for Vim-7.3 since synIDattr() can now get the GUI attributes even when built without GUI. --Dominiko August 13, 2010, 19:48:54 UTC 15:04 (UTC)

The github for CSapprox is here: It seems to have the necessary update for 7.3 (as of Jul19 2010), but I haven't tested it. -- 17:54, January 21, 2012 (UTC)

I have. It works. No need for hacking. -- 00:29, October 7, 2012 (UTC)

In the plugin/CSApprox.vim file, near line 65, you should find something like

if ! has('gui') && s:verbose > 0
  echomsg "CSApprox needs gui support - not loading."
  echomsg "  See :help |csapprox-+gui| for possible workarounds."

comment it. It should do the trick. Oh and don't forget to uncomment the


command just below the four lines mentioned above, or it won't load. --anon August 24, 2011

Currently, CSApprox chokes on abbreviated color values such as "#aac", which are otherwise legal as color values. (Short-form color values are equivalent to having each hex digit repeated, so #59a would become #5599aa.) --anon 16:01, October 29, 2010

CSApprox plugin ~/.vim/plugins/CSApprox.vim was overriding my syntax highlighting for MatchParen, and couldn't figure out how to override it, so i added the line:

highlight MatchParen cterm=bold ctermbg=red ctermfg=white

to the last line of CSApprox file as a hack soln. New to vim, so if anyone can recommend a better method to override this and other CSApprox settings that would be great. I tried using an ~/.vim/after/plugin/CSApprox.vim file, but that did not seem to work. _d May 24, 2012