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Useful snippets[edit source]

Python[edit source]

While debugging, I often print out variable names and their values. I defined the snippets echo (python 2) and e3 (python 3) for this purpose like so in the file ~/.vim/UltiSnips/python.snippets. Note that this snippet needs UltiSnips >= version 1.2.

global !p
# Echo helper code
def echo_vals(t, placeholder="%s"):
   return ', '.join(["%s: %s" % (a.strip(), placeholder) for a in
      t[1].split(',') if len(a.strip())])

snippet echo "The echo snippet" b
print "${2}`!p snip.rv = echo_vals(t)`" % (${1})

snippet e3 "Python 3 echo" b
print("${2}`!p snip.rv = echo_vals(t, '{}')`".format(${1}))

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