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Three files[]

Nice plugin, but it doesn't seem to work correctly when there are three files: i.e. foo.h foo.inl and foo.cpp

Solution: This is because already open files are scored higher than other files. Thus when there you have foo.h and foo.inl loaded, foo.cpp won't be considered. To fix, change the body of BufferOrFileExists to "return filereadable(a:fileName)". I also changed FindOrCreateBuffer to ignore a:findSimilar - I don't know if thats strictly necessary.

Separate folders[]

Thanks for your contribution. But I have a challenge in switching between header files and source files when they are in directories such as src/ and include/.

If I'm editing foo.c in src/, it will look for foo.h in src. But I have foo.h in include/. Can you please help.

Solution: the docs has a section on g:alternateSearchPath


This is a great plugin. The only drawback is that it does not handle folders with commas in it, unfortunately. For example, if I'm editing src,/foo.c, and want to switch to src,/foo.h, then :A does not work.

<leader>is is mapped to <Esc>:IHS<CR>:A<CR>, even in insert mode. My <leader> is space, so every time I type " is" it invokes that, which is really annoying. Thanks for your work.

Directory structures[]

Very nice plugin. But I have some trouble with my directory structure and the regexp mode in alternateSearchPath. Imagine the following files structure:


Then load the following files into Vim:


Using these alterativeSearchPath:

let g:alternateSearchPath='reg:/include/src/g/,reg:/src/include/g/'

When I use :A while in base.h this will not open up foo/src/foo/base.cpp but bar/src/bar/base.cpp.

Why? --October 3, 2015