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I could not get the :Fullscreen command to work from _vimrc, vim says that that is not a recognized command. It seems to work fine when the editor has finished loading.

That's because the plugin script which defines the command is only sourced after _vimrc, cp. the output of :scriptnames. Two ways to fix: Either explicitly source the script that defines the :Fullscreen command before its use (e.g. runtime plugin/shell.vim), or put the :Fullscreen command in a place that is sourced later, e.g. vimfiles/after/plugin/shell.vim. -- Inkarkat 07:48, September 20, 2010 (UTC)
Alternatively you can run the :Fullscreen command from a GUIEnter automatic command, which should also ensure that the plug-in is loaded before the command is executed. -- Peterodding 20:58, January 27, 2011 (UTC)

I've tried this shell.vim on many systems, including that of Win XP, Windows 7 Starter, and Windows 7 Home Premium. Although it does a good job of getting rid of windows menus, decorations, I've found the new window it creates to be a bit exclusive. In particular, I can think of a couple of things 'normal' windows can do but is not allowed on shell.vim window, 1) when you do ALT-Esc, normally windows lets you switch over to another task, this doesn't work for me. 2) When you hover over the task bar, the task bar doesn't appear, it stays covered by the Vim window. Cheers anyway, Pablo Contreras. --14:15, October 24, 2012

Same here, it is because the Vim window is set to stay "always on top", in addition to being set "Fullscreen". You can see that in the plugin files, look for shell.c file and search for WS_EX_TOPMOST being used. I believe windows help files in the past also had this option to make the help window stay "always on top". There is was meant to allow you to run a sequence of commands as maybe instructed in the help text, and still have the help text on top while you run example programs.
Behind the fullscreen Vim window you may find that your Alt+Tab or Alt+Esc for example actually switched windows...
The vim-shell plug-in recently grew an option to change the always on top status on Windows, see the documentation for details. -- Peterodding 20:58, June 3, 2013
Works nice now, thank you! -- terminatorul 14:28, Aug 14, 2013