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Visual mode and whole-buffer modeEdit

I am already addicted to this script, and I thank you for your job. I just have a two-points wishlist:

  • Is it possible to have it working in visual mode as well? For instance, I could enter visual mode, and select everything until i meet a certain 'c' character
  • Is it possible to have it working not only on one line, but on the whole buffer? I can type, for example, '_Fc', and it finds all the occurences of 'c' not only on the cursor line itself, but in the whole buffer.

I think these would be two small improvements for making this script really life-changing. --Preceding unsigned comment added by BlackLight01 19:27, February 6, 2011

Author no longer seems to be interested in plugin development, I started fork at . It mainly fixes issues with international characters.

To answer the previous question, both works for me, I'm using this config to achieve that: nmap <unique> <leader>f :call PreciseJumpF(-1, -1, 0)<cr> vmap <unique> <leader>f <ESC>:call PreciseJumpF(-1, -1, 1)<cr> omap <unique> <leader>f :call PreciseJumpF(-1, -1, 0)<cr> --Vlmarek (talk) 21:12, December 21, 2013 (UTC)


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