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Shift + arrow key support in Mac OS X's Terminal[edit source]

To have the shift + arrow key input (to move the cursor without drawing lines) work correctly in in OS X, it's necessary to add the following to Terminal's Preferences -> Settings -> Keyboard section:

shift cursor up:     \033[1;2A

shift cursor down:   \033[1;2B

shift cursor left:   \033[1;2D

shift cursor right:  \033[1;2C

Note that \033 is generated by typing Esc

Toolbar buttons[edit source]

I've just been playing around with ToolBar button(s) and custom right mouse click menus for DrawIt. Maybe of interest to someone else:

amenu ]VlsDrawIt.Toggle\ Erase\ Mode<tab><space>   <space>
amenu ]VlsDrawIt.Make\ Blank\ Zone<tab>\\c         <Leader>c
amenu ]VlsDrawIt.Draw\ Flood<tab>\\e               <Leader>f

amenu ]VlsDrawItV.Draw\ Arrow<tab>\\a              gv<Leader>a
amenu ]VlsDrawItV.Draw\ Box<tab>\\b                gv<Leader>b
amenu ]VlsDrawItV.Draw\ Ellipse<tab>\\e            gv<Leader>e
amenu ]VlsDrawItV.Draw\ Line<tab>\\l               gv<Leader>l
amenu ]VlsDrawItV.Append\ Blanks<tab>\\s           gv<Leader>s

fun! s:StartDrawIt()
  aun ToolBar.DrawIt
  an <silent>icon=DrawItOff 1.16 ToolBar.DrawIt :call <SID>StopDrawIt()<CR>
  tm ToolBar.DrawIt               Stop drawing with DrawIt	\ds
  set lz
  call DrawIt#StartDrawIt()
  set nolz
  vunmap <buffer> <rightmouse>
  vnoremap <silent><buffer> <rightmouse> :<C-U>popup! ]VlsDrawItV<cr>gv
  nnoremap <silent><buffer> <rightmouse> :<C-U>popup! ]VlsDrawIt<cr>

fun! s:StopDrawIt()
  aun ToolBar.DrawIt
  an <silent> 1.16 ToolBar.DrawIt :call <SID>StartDrawIt()<CR>
  tm ToolBar.DrawIt               Start drawing with DrawIt	\di
  set lz
  call DrawIt#StopDrawIt()
  set nolz
  vunmap <buffer> <rightmouse>
  nunmap <buffer> <rightmouse>
an 1.16 ToolBar.DrawIt :call <SID>StartDrawIt()<CR>
tm ToolBar.DrawIt      Start drawing with DrawIt	\di

Comments[edit source]

Bugs[edit source]

This is the only forum I've found for Bug reports, so:

I experienced an arrow drawing bug during which arrows with a dx < dy and drawn in the lower left to upper right manner (or vice-versa) would display '\'s instead of '/'s. Eg:

 B                     |                   |
/   A drawn to B ==>  \   Instead of ==>  /
A                     |                   |

[SOLUTION] Upgrade to v13c from

The way to submit bugs to Dr. Chip is old-fashioned, but robust: Send an email to the address listed in the plugin's header. The alpha version 13a / 18-Mar-2013 from his website has this issue already fixed. -- Inkarkat (talk) 08:10, September 13, 2013 (UTC)
Actually this issue is fixed in 13c / 13-Sept-2013, but from the same place.
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