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Script Description
6 keepcase: functions for case-persistent substitutions
13 closetag: functions and mappings to close open HTML/XML tags
30 python: menus/shortcuts to work with Python
31 a: switch between alternate files quickly (.c --> .h etc)
39 matchit: extended % matching
40 DrawIt: Ascii drawing plugin: lines, ellipses, arrows, fills, and more
42 : Buffer Explorer / Browser
52 Calendar plugin
53 colorize: change background color when in insert mode
69 project: organize/navigate projects of files (like IDE/buffer explorer)
88 Tip of the Day
102 DirDiff
107 SelectBuf: fast and extensible buffer explorer
127 runscript: run Python scripts
143 words_tools: alternatives to expand()
157 autoload_cscope: search for and load cscope.out databases automatically
159 minibufexpl: buffer explorer taking very little screen space
167 perforce: Perforce source control features
172 TeTrIs: a tetris game in Vim
182 SuperTab (deprecated)
184 vtreeexplorer: tree based file explorer
199 charset: read file in proper encoding
205 morse: writing morse code in Vim
213 c-support: C/C++ IDE to write, compile and run C/C++ programs
231 Smart Tabs: use tabs for indent, spaces for alignment
235 X-and-O: naughts and crosses game
247 cream-ascii: insert an ASCII character from a dialog box
273 taglist: source code browser (supports C/C++, Java, Perl, Python and more)
290 ruby-matchit: matchit for Ruby
293 vutl.vim: Univeral Text Linking - Execute URLs, footnotes, open emails, organize ideas
294 Align: align text, eqns, declarations, tables
301 xmledit: A filetype plugin to help edit XML, HTML, and SGML documents
302 AnsiEsc: ansi escape sequences concealed, but highlighted as specified
309 CSV delimited field jumper: map keys to easily jump to fields in CSV files
311 grep: grep search tools integration with Vim
356 dbext: database access from Vim
365 bash-support: Bash IDE to write and run Bash scripts
387 rnc: RELAX NG compact syntax
397 ShowFunc
415 zenburn: low contrast colour scheme for low light conditions
432 biogoo: color scheme with dark text on light gray
435 pythonhelper: show current Python class, method or function in the status line
467 emodeline: set file type from emacs -*- modelines -*-
474 SearchComplete: tab completion of words inside of a search
476 Transparent: colorscheme for console and gui versions of Vim
479 MultipleSearch: highlight multiple searches with different colors
489 ManPageView
490 java_getset: automatically add getter/setters for Java properties
492 SQL utilities: format, generate column lists, procedures for databases
512 Printer Dialog: set print options via dialog
521 mru: manage Most Recently Used (MRU) files
540 apdl: syntax highlighting for ANSYS APDL files
556 perl-support: Perl IDE to write and run Perl scripts
563 rcsvers: use RCS to keep a backup version whenever you save a file
603 oceanblack: dark color scheme (soft blue/green on black)
610 ctags: display function name in the title bar and/or the status line
661 gnupg: transparent editing of gpg encrypted files
663 VimDebug: visual debugger for Perl, Ruby, and Python
666 hexman: hex viewing and editing using xxd
674 MakeDoxygenComment: generate Doxygen comment skeleton
695 po.vim: ftplugin for easier editing of GNU gettext PO files
725 wiki: syntax file for wikis
731 xmidas: syntax highlighting for the X-Midas language
760 peaksea: refined colorscheme with both gui and cterm256 for dark and light background
789 set_utf8: switching to Unicode in an orderly manner
790 python: enhanced version of the Python syntax highlighting script
850 Pydiction: Tab-complete your Python code
858 LocateOpen: open files without having to supply a path
864 visual_studio: Vim and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET integration
877 GVColors: display X Window colors
891 pylint: Python style checking tool
893 gtags: integrate GNU GLOBAL source code tag system with Vim
900 hanoi: Tower of Hanoi game for Vim
910 python_pydoc: Python documentation view and search tool
926 russian-phonetic_utf-8
945 groovy: syntax file for the groovy programming language
957 YAPosting: yet another posting script
973 rest: reStructuredText syntax mode
974 python: alternative indentation script for Python
987 DoxygenToolkit: simplify Doxygen documentation in C, C++, Python
1000 gtk-vim-syntax: syntax highlighting for GLib, Gtk+, Xlib, Gimp, Gnome, and more
1026 visualmark: visual mark, similar to UltraEdit's bookmark
1046 monday: use Ctrl-a and Ctrl-x on names of months and weekdays
1049 octave: send Octave code from a Vim buffer to Octave
1052 The Mail Suite (tms): send, receive and organize mail
1053 browser: web browser plugin
1072 ConfirmQuit: provides a confirm dialog when you try to quit Vim
1114 pmd: integrate PMD using quickfix mode
1205 Java syntax and folding
1213 Vim JDE: Just a Development Environment for Java/C++
1215 Super Shell Indent: improved indentation for shell scripts
1218 NERD Commenter: easy commenting of code for many filetypes
1230 Rainbow Parenthesis: highlight matching parens in a rainbow of colors
1234 YankRing
1238 Mark
1291 luarefvim: Lua reference manual
1298 Color Scheme Explorer: easy color scheme browsing
1327 Windows PowerShell syntax file: default syntax coloring for Windows PowerShell
1343 AutoTag: update entries in tags file automatically when saving
1349 Colortest: xterm 256 color test and visual colors list
1372 ldap: Active Directory email lookup using Python and LDAP
1375 QFixToggle: toggle visibility of the quickfix window
1397 xml: helps editing xml (and html, sgml, xslt) files
1464 moria: GUI color scheme
1487 django: syntax highlighting for Django templates
1491 JavaScript: better JavaScript syntax highlighting support
1494 Efficient python folding: fold python code nicely and toggle with one keystroke
1502 Vimball
1510 autohi: highlight words like Eclipse
1520 OmniCppComplete: C/C++ omni-completion with ctags database
1522 WinWalker: Vim 7 windows navigator/manager
1528 comments: comment/un-comment source code
1542 pythoncomplete: Python Omni Completion
1552 ScreenShot: generate HTML code for a screenshot of all open windows
1567 rails: Ruby on Rails: easy file navigation, enhanced syntax highlighting, and more
1571 php: PHP syntax
1583 tobase: convert from base(2,8,10,16) to base(2-32) or character to html entity
1586 verilog_systemverilog: Verilog syntax highlighting for SystemVerilog
1599 highlight.vim : Highlight lines or patterns of interest in different colors
1642 zzsplash
1643 SuperTab
1649 scrollfix: keep cursor at fixed visual line of window
1654 git: Git syntax, indent, filetype files
1655 cobol: cobol syntax, indent, filetype files
1658 NERD tree: a tree explorer for navigating the filesystem
1659 dw_colors: Set of black color schemes with some highlight variations
1678 tabname: set name for tab-pages
1682 IndexedSearch: show 'Nth match out of M' at every search
1697 surround: delete/change/add parentheses/quotes/XML-tags/much more
1709 scons: syntax file for SConscript/SConstruct
1723 vimpager: use Vim as a pager
1724 pyljvim: LiveJournal plugin
1731 perlcritic compiler script: compiler file for the perlcritic syntax checker
1764 code_complete: function parameter complete, code snippets, and much more
1785 javacomplete: omni completion for Java
1795 autoloadTemplate: load a new-file template according to the filetype
1797 svnvimdiff: svn diff + vimdiff
1839 IndentAnything: write indentations or enhance existing indentations without writing code
1849 AutoClose: insert matching bracket, paren, brace or quote
1868 simplefold: space-optimized, configurable folds
1871 fruity.vim: dark colorscheme with advanced color informations for several languages
1879 AutoComplPop: Automatically open popup menu for completions
1886 nginx: highlight configuration files for nginx web server
1890 LustyExplorer: dynamic filesystem and buffer explorer
1900 ael: syntax for Asterisk Extension Language (AEL)
1905 camelcasemotion: motion through CamelCaseWords and underscore_notation
1929 DBGp client: remote debugger interface to the DBGp protocol
1932 visSum: compute sum of selected numbers
1950 VimExplorer: file manager within Vim
1952 systemverilog: syntax for SystemVerilog
1953 vimpress: manage wordpress blog posts from Vim
1955 doxygen-support: generate Doxygen comments from user defined templates
1965 lodgeit: paste code to
1984 FuzzyFinder : buffer/file/command/tag/etc explorer with fuzzy matching
1994 confluencewiki: syntax highlighting for Atlassian Confluence wiki
2001 lookup: lookup word in a dictionary and a thesaurus
2010 sessionman: Vim session manager
2027 taskpaper: TaskPaper to-do list format support
2068 Yate
2091 verilog: Verilog HDL/SystemVerilog HDVL indent file
2104 R: execute R-code from Vim on Mac OS X
2112 ahk: autohotkey syntax highlighting
2135 tt: syntax highlighting for tintin/tt++
2136 repeat: use the repeat command (.) with supported plugins
2150 css_color: CSS color preview
2154 marvim: Macro Persistent Storage and Shareable Repository for Vim
2158 diffchanges: Show changes made to current buffer since the last save
2179 srcexpl: source code explorer based on tags works like context window in Source Insight
2204 TwitVim: Twitter client for Vim
2206 runzip: edit zip files recursively (zip files inside zip files)
2226 vimwiki: personal wiki for Vim
2252 publish: publish hyperlinked, syntax highlighted source code with Vim
2256 dark-ruby: a dark-background color scheme
2261 nagios syntax: Nagios template object configuration file
2298 codepad: Post current buffer to
2299 fortran: additional indentation rules for Fortran 95 and Fortran 90
2302 foldsearch: fold away lines that don't match a given pattern
2308 Clever Tabs: using tabs for indent only on start of line
2324 TextFormat: quickly align and format text: left, right, justify, center
2332 Pathogen: easy manipulation of runtimepath, path, tags, etc.
2341 postmail: mail message posting plugin
2368 CCTree: show call tree of C code
2372 automatic generator for Verilog HDL
2382 noteMaker: syntax highlighter for personal notes
2387 cern_root: syntax highlighting for ROOT
2390 CSApprox: make gvim-only colorschemes work transparently in terminal Vim
2423 Gist: vimscript for gist
2428 LineCommenter: toggle comment/uncomment of current line
2429 autocorrect: correct common typos and misspellings as you type
2441 pyflakes: on-the-fly Python code checking
2467 submode: create your own submodes
2473 python_open_module: open Python module file at cursor
2496 Changed: Displays signs on changed lines
2501 VimClojure : A filetype, syntax and indent plugin for Clojure
2506 VimIM: Vim Input Method – Vim 中文输入法
2507 0scan: tags based search for things to find (ctags, buffers, and more)
2518 WOIM outliner plugin
2519 dpaste: send your buffer or selection to
2528 Thesaurus: thesaurus suggestion script
2531 slimv: Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Vim (SLIME for Vim)
2540 snipMate: TextMate-style snippets
2545 bufgrep: vimgrep for buffers
2578 javaScriptLint: display JavaScript Lint warnings in the quickfix error window
2584 quickfixsigns: Mark quickfix & location list items with signs
2586 upAndDown: swapping a line with the line directly above or below
2591 HTML AutoCloseTag: automatically close HTML tags once you finish typing them
2595 Skittles Dark: dark color scheme
2606 vimuiex: Vim UI extensions
2611 xptemplate: snippet template engine
2620 neocomplcache: ultimate auto completion system
2628 Vim-R-plugin2: plugin to work with R
2630 jsl: compiler plugin for JavaScript Lint
2646 Ctags highlighting: highlight typedefs, enumerations etc
2649 PBASIC syntax file
2654 arduino: syntax file for Arduino .PDE files
2657 VOoM (Vim Outliner of Markers) -- two-pane outliner and related utilities
2662 ywvim: another input method
2666 mark: highlight several words in different colors
2699 argtextobj: text object like motion for arguments
2709 SudoEdit: Edit Files using sudo or su or any other tool
2714 Tag Signature Balloons: tag signatures in balloon tooltips
2715 UltiSnips: ultimate snippet solution for Python enabled Vim
2723 math: math keymap and a menu for inserting math symbols
2727 jsbeautify: javascript source code formatter
2735 logcat: syntax highlighting for Android logcat files
2736 Syntastic: automatic syntax checking
2754 delimitMate: auto-balancing and expansions for parens, quotes, etc
2771 Conque shell: run interactive commands inside a Vim buffer
2775 logpad: emulate Notepad's logging functionality
2776 vilight: a more literal translation of the gedit Twilight color scheme
2787 MeltVim: Plugin for Melt files
2810 InsertChar: press Tab to insert a single character
2830 csv: filetype plugin for csv files
2845 ywchaos: journal taking and diary making
2874 php: PHP syntax file for PHP 5.3
2882 markdown: syntax highlight for Markdown text files
2894 vikitasks: search viki files for tasks and display them in a list
2899 TxtBrowser: Browse plain text easily (show title tags and syntax highlight)
2905 vim-addon-manager: manage and update plugins easily
2915 startup_profile: profile Vim startup
2918 SpitVspit: multiple files splitting
2919 preamble: automatically fold long licensing and copyright preambles
2930 rfc syntax: simple syntax highlight for RFC file
2931 fontzoom: fontsize controller in gvim
2932 histwin: Browse the undo tree
2944 visualstar.vim: star (*) for visual mode
2945 AutomaticTexPlugin: automatically process tex files; extended bib search; more
2949 buflist: a playground to see how much we can do with pithy code
2951 SaneCL: indent Common Lisp code
2961 groovyindent: groovy indent script
2967 daemon_saver: Vim version of FreeBSD daemon_saver screen saver
2973 cucumber runtime files
2977 underwater: color scheme with dark blue theme
2981 ZenCoding: HTML and CSS hi-speed coding
2996 TranslateEnToCn: translate English to Chinese
3002 tag_in_new_tab: open tag in new tab
3003 indent/python: yet another Python indentation script
3026 PickAColor: insert and edit color codes using a color name or a Mac or GTk color chooser
3038 noweb: syntax file with separate highlighting for documentation and code
3039 vimgdb: Emacs-like gdb interface to cterm Vim
3048 vicom: intelligent line commenter
3049 acomment: smart comments plugin
3059 lastpos: last position jump improved for Easy Vim
3066 repeater: repeat an item {n} times
3083 pull jokes from Chinese-language website
3087 OutlookVim
3088 GetFile: select and open a file by typing part of its path
3089 vimtl: handle todo lists
3092 autocomp: auto-complete for those with RSI
3100 nevfn: dark colorscheme based on desert
3103 tony_light: another light color scheme
3105 legiblelight: another light color scheme, easier on eyes
3108 GUI Box: color scheme and font menu window
3109 LaTeX Box: lightweight toolbox for LaTeX
3114 Easytags
3120 grails-vim: easy file navigation and testing of Grails projects
3123 shell: integration between Vim and its environment: fullscreen, open URL, etc
3135 Vim Script Updater: automatically update Vim scripts
3141 ez_scroll: scroll window using right click+drag
3149 Smooth Center: smoothly centres display when you press Esc
3150 session: extended Vim session management
3165 obviously-insert: makes it REALLY obvious if you are in insert mode
3174 JsLint Helper: a javascript code validator
3188 vimcompcrtr: easier creation of custom completion functions
3197 current-func-info: get current function name
3201 trailing-whitespace: highlight trailing whitespace with FixWhitespace
3220 css: better CSS syntax highlighting
3223 LanguageTool: grammar checker for English, French, German (etc.) in Vim
3227 simple javascript indent script: supports OOP, jquery
3230 TeX-PDF: lightweight TeX-to-PDF development support
3236 html5: HTML5 omnicomplete function and syntax
3239 minibufexplorer: buffer explorer that takes very little screen space
3241 bufsurf: Navigate buffers like in a webbrowser
3248 Zephyr: dark color scheme with distinct but calm colors
3249 Jasmine snippets: snipMate snippets for the Jasmine JavaScript BDD Framework
3250 Swap plugin
3251 RubyProxy: make most Vim functions available to Ruby
3255 sequence: increment/decrement a sequence of numbers
3264 vimtodo: todo manager
3268 command-list: create a list of command and display as needed
3276 ProjectCTags: generate ctags for versioned projects without a project file
3302 clang complete: completion of C, C++, Objective-C and Objective-C++ using Clang
3316 tohtml_wincp: Autodetect installed Windows encodings for :TOhtml
3327 PyScratch: allow processing of Python/Ruby/Perl/Lua commands directly in Vim
3333 mheg: syntax highlighting for MHEG-5 DTB and UK Profile
3336 Smart Home Key
3344 Preview: Plugin for previewing markup files
3361 Indent Guides: display indent levels
3397 neverland: colorscheme with 256 colors, terminal and gvim
3404 gtranslate: Ajax Google translator
3409 HJKL: game using H,J,K,L to explore a maze
3426 LispXp: Lisp snippets for xptemplate
3437 PreciseJump: ease motion within a line
3455 headlights: create a TextMate-like Bundles menu
3458 vundle: Vim package manager
3475 Vim Blog: post to Wordpress from Vim
3477 bad apple: game
3479 makebg: shell script to perform make in the background
3515 VimOutliner: outline processor for fast authoring
3519 jQuery
3524 vim-scala: support for writing Scala code
3542 Sesiones: manage sessions the easy way
3543 opener: open files and URLs in the appropriate viewer
3547 jianfan: transcoding simplified and traditional Chinese
3556 openscad: syntax highlighting for the OpenSCAD 3D modeling language
3573 quit-another-window: quickly close another window and keep working in current window
3597 ColorV: a Color Viewer and Color Picker
3602 reorder columns
3611 XQuery indent/omnicomplete ftplugin
3613 splitjoin: help switching between single-line and multiline code
3619 buffergator: buffer listing, selection, and switching/navigation
3630 IDSearch: supplement id-utils gid command for super-fast find-in-files
3638 handlebars: syntax file for Handlebars
3641 AtomicSave: save files atomically using ":w"
3643 Vimper IDE
3644 vimgtd: gtd in Vim
3677 baobaozhu colorscheme
3681 functiontracker: easy navigation between functions in a long file
3704 Transcription Name Helper: quickly switch between speakers while transcribing
3708 swapcol: swap two columns
3711 chinachess: 中国象棋 游戏 pgn 棋谱
3715 numlist: add, re-add, or remove numbers for items in a list
3722 quickfixstatus: show quickfix errors/warnings as you move through the file
3742 mediawiki: Mediawiki+templates
3745 linediff: perform an interactive diff on two blocks of text
3752 Vimpy: easy navigation in Python code
3753 vim-pad: quick notetaking
3770 Python-mode-klen: Python mode to use pylint, rope, pydoc
3772 rainbow_parentheses.vim: better rainbow parentheses
3778 utags: find usage of a word (tag) in the project
3797 C++11 syntax support: a port of the existing C++ syntax to allow for C++11 features
3806 openrel: Open relatively-described files under the cursor
3808 TFS: use TFS version control from Vim
3849 git-time-lapse: Perforce-style
3855 ide for C/C++/Java with syntax coloring and tab buffer tracking
3868 multiwindow tag stacked code browsing
3870 vm: velocity vtl
3877 ft_improved: improved f/t command
3880 fountain: plain text markup language for screenwriting
3896 buffet: fast and easy buffer switching and management
3922 gummybears: dark pastel colorscheme for GVim/MacVim and 256-color terminal
3931 vim-support: Vim Script IDE for Vim/gvim
3980 phpqa: run PHP QA tools and show highlighted results
3991 ConflictMotions: motions to and inside SCM conflict markers
3998 paredit mode: structured editing of Lisp S-expressions
4005 TextTransform: create text transformation mappings and commands
4006 HyperList: describe anything in plain text
4009 XDebug (DBGp): minimal PHP debug client for XDebug
4039 evervim: edit evernote files
4067 automatic generator for Verilog HDL (upgraded) and RtlTree
4073 highlights for radiologist: color highlights for radiologist's reading job
4118 vim-signature: toggle, display and navigate marks and signs
4168 SyntaxRange: define a different filetype syntax on regions of a buffer
4170 vdebug: multi-language DBGP debugger client: PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, etc.
4176 Rainbow Parentheses Improved: help read complex code by showing diff level of parentheses in diff color
4186 dwm.vim: Tiled Window Management for Vim
4297 detailed: color scheme with better color variations than a basic palette-shifting color scheme
4319 ColorSchemePicker: pick colorscheme
4325 vimcat: print syntax highlighted file to terminal
4330 adt: Android development utility
4339 kolor: colorful and comfortable colorscheme with 256 color terminal support
4354 indentLine: indent guides plugin displaying thin vertical lines
4402 vim-darksea: colorscheme
4405 latex-support: LaTeX IDE for Vim/gvim
4415 awk-support: AWK IDE for Vim/gvim
4416 vim-seek: easy navigation of long lines; like f but taking two characters
4426 find-complete: find files on path with file-name auto-complete functionality
4456 vgdb: visual gdb in Vim
4497 git-support: Integration of Git for Vim/gvim
4498 Code Upstairs: browsing source code at function level
4582 Conque GDB: GDB command line interface and terminal emulator
4601 grails-conque: run grails shell and unit/integration tests inside Vim
4743 systemverilog: indent script for Verilog and SystemVerilog
4747 FelipeC's colorscheme
4776 Projx Vim Plugin
4787 vim-svngutter
4815 choowsewin: land to window you choose like tmux's 'display-pane'
4825 Elda: dark 256-color scheme
4888 svnj: plugin for subversion (svn)
4913 ttfzoom: font zooming with Ctrl-MouseWheel in gvim
4923 autoswap.vim: Switch to open editor window instead of asking what to do with swapfile
4950 lua-support: Lua IDE for Vim/gvim
4980 quick-file: quickly jump to file in current or sub directory
4984 PHPSyntaxCheck : PHP语法检查
4991 a_pair: combine {}, [], () into one text object