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created 2003 · complexity intermediate · author Feral · version 7.0

You can define a command allowing you to type :GREP to search for the current word under the cursor, with the results presented in the quickfix window as a 'list occurrences' search.

See :help :ilist for another method.

This is inspired by VimTip391 Simple programmers TODO list using grep, and taglist.vim in script#273.

" Easily GREP current word in current file.
command GREP :execute 'vimgrep '.expand('<cword>').' '.expand('%') | :copen | :cc

This makes use of the vimgrep command, normally used as a "find in files" utility, but here limited to search the current file only. In Vim 7.0 and later, see :help :vimgrep for help on this tool. Alternatively, you could replace "vimgrep" with "grep", and set the grepprg option (see :help 'grepprg'. For example, you might use set grepprg=C:\bin\grep.exe\ -niH on a win32 system.

Here are some mappings to avoid needing to type :cnext and :cprev to move through the quickfix window.

" Assign some keys for handy quickfix window commands.
if has("win32")
  nnoremap <kPlus>     :call <SID>Fancy_Quickfix_Cmd(':cnext')<CR>
  nnoremap <kMinus>    :call <SID>Fancy_Quickfix_Cmd(':cprev')<CR>
  nnoremap <kMultiply> :call <SID>Fancy_Quickfix_Cmd(':cc')<CR>
  nnoremap <c-kPlus>   :clast<CR>
  nnoremap <c-kMinus>  :cfirst<CR>
  nnoremap <m-kPlus>   :cnewer<CR>
  nnoremap <m-kMinus>  :colder<CR>

" Very simple wrapper: do quickfix cmd, center line and,
" if taglist.vim's window is open, sync.
function s:Fancy_Quickfix_Cmd(Cmd)
    execute a:Cmd
  catch /^Vim(\a\+):E553:/
    echohl ErrorMsg | echo v:exception | echohl None
  norm! zz
  " If the taglist window is open then :TlistSync
  "    Tag list window name: '__Tag_List__'
  if bufwinnr('__Tag_List__') != -1

If you do not want to use a user command, you can use:

nnoremap <kPlus>      :cnext<CR> :norm! zz<CR> :TlistSync<CR>
nnoremap <kMinus>     :cprev<CR> :norm! zz<CR> :TlistSync<CR>
nnoremap <kMultiply>  :cc<CR> :norm! zz<CR>

Of course if you do not want the syncing with taglist.vim simply remove :TlistSync.

Now, the advantage of having s:Fancy_Quickfix_Cmd() is that we can conditionally do something based on the command, or some other attribute. In this case we function the same for all commands (and just blindly execute them). We do check to see if the taglist window is open and if so ask it to Sync, if it is not, we don't. One other (minor, cosmetic) advantage to this is we see the user command in the echo area and not the last command executed (as with just the pure mapping method directly above).

Another way to list occurrences in the current file would be


with the text you want to list as your current search pattern. See :help :g and :help :p)

Of course, :cnext can be abbreviated to :cn, and :cprev can be abbreviated to :cp.


TODO Check that no more changes need to be made since I quickly used ":vimgrep" instead of "grep" in the command.