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created 2005 · complexity basic · author Dane Summers · version 6.0

Here are two mappings that help copy SQL queries from gvim to other applications running under Windows.

"Select all of current paragraph.
:map <C-S-v> (V)

"Copy all of current paragraph to clipboard.
:map <C-S-v> (V)*y''

Fix above:

  1. The ( and ) move by a sentence, not a paragraph.
  2. Tip should use vip to select a paragraph.
  3. Fix the key used for the mapping.


You can select a paragraph by typing vip or vap

See :help v_ip (vip = visual inner paragraph).

In general, use :help v_<whatever> for help on <whatever> in visual mode.

Or :help c_<whatever> for the command line, or :help i_<whatever> for insert mode.